Binance XRP BNB pair now live on the exchange

The Binance XRP BNB pair is registered as XRP-BF2, and the global cryptocurrency exchange has minted ten (10) million of the trading pair for their decentralized exchange (DEX).

In Q2 2019, the exchange added Bitcoin BEP2 (BTCB). If offloading the trading pair is ever needed, Binance would be the sole way is although the company is utilizing partner wallets for the addition of swap channels.

Why Binance XRP BNB pair?

Binance has recently introduced a P2P (peer-to-peer) payment system from Alipay. This is in addition to a third-party mobile and online payment platform based in China, and WeChat, a Chinese multi-purpose messaging and payment application by Tencent. Currently, the payment system allows for Bitcoin-for-Yuan trading.

Ripple Labs is an American technology company that develops the Ripple payment protocol and exchange network. The firm recently got put under inspection due to its false claim of being solely responsible for discovering the XRP token. Factually, the lab had only helped to create the token.

Nick Carter, the co-Founder of, which is a provider of crypto asset market and network data, has sternly spoken against Ripple Labs’ false claims in his tweets:

According to an article by the lawyer Preston Byrne, before Ripple Labs, there was no official ledger that would contain XRP or transactions on the ledger, that is currently utilized as XRP. Ripple Labs, Inc. was previously named as Newcoin Inc., and it was incorporated at the start of Q4 2019.