Binance Revolutionizes Security: Traders Can Now Secure Collateral at Banks

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  • Binance responds to increased demands for enhanced security measures by considering a solution that allows institutional traders to secure their collateral at banks, reducing counterparty risk.
  • Collaborations with FlowBank and Bank Frick are being explored as potential intermediaries for this service, providing an added layer of security and instilling confidence among traders.

In response to increased demands for enhanced security measures in the wake of FTX’s collapse, cryptocurrency exchange Binance is reportedly considering a solution that would allow institutional clients to secure their trading collateral at banks. Swiss-based FlowBank and Liechtenstein-based Bank Frick have emerged as potential intermediaries for this service, according to anonymous sources familiar with the matter.

Binance Responds to Counterparty Risk Concerns

In the aftermath of the collapse of FTX, which resulted in significant losses for numerous traders, Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is actively exploring measures to reduce counterparty risk for its institutional clients. Recognizing the growing demand for enhanced security measures, the exchange is considering a groundbreaking approach that would allow select professional customers to store their trading collateral at banks, instead of relying solely on the crypto platform.

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that Binance has entered into discussions with potential intermediaries for this service, including Swiss-based FlowBank and Liechtenstein-based Bank Frick. While the specifics of any potential partnerships remain confidential, the involvement of these established banking institutions highlights Binance’s commitment to bolstering security and instilling confidence among its institutional clientele.

A Tri-Party Agreement for Enhanced Security

Under the proposed setup, client funds held at the partnering bank would be safeguarded through a tri-party agreement, ensuring an added layer of protection. Binance, on its part, would provide stablecoins as collateral for margin trading, bolstering the liquidity and functionality of the platform. This innovative approach would enable institutional clients to leverage their bank deposits as collateral for both spot and derivatives trading on Binance.

Furthermore, the funds deposited with the partnering bank could potentially be invested in money market funds. This investment avenue offers clients the opportunity to earn interest on their deposits, effectively offsetting the cost of borrowing cryptocurrencies from Binance. By providing an additional financial incentive, Binance aims to strengthen the value proposition for institutional investors and attract more participants to its platform.

The Future Outlook and Binance CEO’s Perspective

While the proposed arrangement is still in the discussion phase and subject to potential modifications, Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) shed some light on the exchange’s broader vision during a recent interview on the Bankless Podcast. CZ acknowledged that Binance had contemplated the idea of acquiring a bank and transforming it into a crypto-friendly institution. However, he emphasized that the reality of such an undertaking is far more complex than the initial concept.

CZ explained that acquiring a bank would be limited to the jurisdiction of the specific country in which the bank operates, and compliance with local banking regulators would still be mandatory. He highlighted the intricate challenges associated with regulatory compliance and the need to navigate multiple jurisdictions, indicating that the path to acquiring and transforming a bank into a crypto-friendly entity is not without obstacles.


Binance’s reported exploration of allowing institutional clients to secure their trading collateral at banks demonstrates the exchange’s commitment to addressing counterparty risk concerns and enhancing security measures. With discussions underway with potential intermediaries such as FlowBank and Bank Frick, Binance aims to provide its clients with increased peace of mind while offering new avenues for earning interest on their deposits. While the proposal is subject to potential modifications and the challenges of acquiring a bank are acknowledged by Binance’s CEO, the industry eagerly awaits further updates on these developments.

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