Biden and Sunak Forge Strategic Partnership, Pledging AI, Minerals, and Ukraine Deals

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  • US President Biden and UK Prime Minister Sunak forge an economic partnership, focusing on AI, advanced technologies, clean energy, and critical minerals.
  • The partnership aims to strengthen historical security ties amid Russia’s war in Ukraine and China’s assertive stance. 
  • While a free trade agreement is yet to materialize, the US and UK commit to closer economic collaboration and investment.

In a show of strengthened historical security ties, US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have announced a groundbreaking partnership between their countries. The leaders signed the “Atlantic Declaration,” a first-of-its-kind economic agreement encompassing artificial intelligence (AI), advanced technologies, clean energy, and critical minerals. The signing occurred during Prime Minister Sunak’s official visit to the White House, underscoring the commitment to a close alliance amid global challenges.

The partnership is crucial when both nations witness Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and China’s increasingly assertive posture in Asia. While a comprehensive free trade agreement has yet to materialize, the economic partnership between the US and the UK is a strong foundation for their collaboration.

US-UK economic partnership and strong anchor amidst Brexit challenges

During a joint news conference, President Biden emphasized the significance of the economic partnership, stating, “Our economic partnership is an enormous strength – a source of strength that anchors everything that we do together.” Prime Minister Sunak echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that Britain remains a committed, reliable ally and attractive investment destination.

Since the UK departed from the European Union on January 31, 2020, Prime Minister Sunak, who assumed office last October, has actively pursued measures to enhance trade ties between the US and the UK. Despite the challenges of Brexit, the Atlantic Declaration represents a significant step in strengthening economic and commercial relations between the two countries.

US-UK collaboration advances clean energy, AI safety, and global market

President Biden has also expressed his intention to request Congress to amend the Defense Production Act to provide favorable terms to British suppliers, highlighting the importance of this bilateral economic partnership.

Furthermore, Biden and Sunak have initiated negotiations on a critical minerals agreement, which could enable minerals used in electric vehicle production in Britain to qualify for tax credits under Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, aimed at promoting cleaner transportation alternatives. This move reflects the leaders’ commitment to advancing clean energy and addressing climate change.

In addition to economic collaborations, the discussions between Biden and Sunak touched upon artificial intelligence safety. Prime Minister Sunak announced that Britain would host the world’s first summit on AI safety in the coming autumn. The summit will focus on coordinating international efforts to mitigate the risks associated with AI technology.

Partnership with the US will strengthen Britain’s position

Although a comprehensive trade agreement remains elusive, the UK has secured individual deals with various states and aims to establish further targeted agreements. These agreements and the newly forged economic partnership with the US will strengthen Britain’s position in the global market.

The Biden-Sunak partnership signifies the alignment of values, shared security concerns, and the commitment to advancing technological innovation. The US-UK alliance promises to play a crucial role in shaping a secure and prosperous future as the world faces complex challenges, such as geopolitical tensions and climate change.

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