How Babylon is transforming Bitcoin into a PoS powerhouse with Binance Labs


  • Binance Labs invests in Babylon, enabling direct Bitcoin staking on PoS blockchains without third-party services.
  • Babylon reduces inflation on PoS chains by using Bitcoin, enhancing liquidity and security.
  • Using Cosmos SDK, Babylon bridges Bitcoin’s PoW with PoS chains, offering new utility for Bitcoin holders.

Binance Labs, the investment arm of the cryptocurrency powerhouse Binance, has recently invested in Babylon, a Bitcoin staking protocol, according to a recent announcement on Feb.27. This initiative is a significant stride in cryptocurrency innovation, allowing Bitcoin holders to stake their assets on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains. Babylon eliminates the need for third-party custody, bridge solutions, or wrapping services, providing a seamless and secure way to earn yields from Bitcoin directly on PoS blockchains.

Revolutionizing Bitcoin utility and PoS security

Babylon introduces a novel approach to staking, enabling Bitcoin to be used directly for securing PoS blockchains. This method offers slashable economic security guarantees to the PoS chains and facilitates efficient stake unbonding, enhancing liquidity for Bitcoin holders. By allowing PoS chains to tap into Bitcoin’s market cap for staking capital, Babylon reduces the reliance on native tokens for security, mitigating inflationary pressures and economic challenges associated with bootstrapping security for emerging chains.

The protocol’s innovation extends Bitcoin’s utility beyond being a mere store of value, providing a new mechanism for Bitcoin holders to earn yields in a decentralized manner. Yi He, Co-Founder of Binance and Head of Binance Labs, emphasized the importance of this development, stating it integrates Bitcoin with the PoS economy and expands its use cases.

Technical Innovations

Developed using the Cosmos SDK, Babylon acts as a bridge between the Bitcoin and PoS worlds. It offers Bitcoin timestamping services to PoS chains and synchronizes the Bitcoin network with PoS chains, facilitating BTC staking and tracking validator staking information. The team behind Babylon consists of experts in consensus protocol research and Layer-1 engineering, promising a robust and innovative approach to blending PoW and PoS consensus mechanisms.

David Tse, Co-Founder of Babylon, highlighted the support from Binance Labs as a critical factor in building a broad-based ecosystem for the protocol. He said: “The Bitcoin staking protocol unifies the entire blockchain industry, from Bitcoin to the PoS world. We are thrilled to have the support of Binance Labs in building such a broad-based Babylon ecosystem,”

Babylon is preparing for its mainnet launch in the second quarter of 2024 after completing its testnet phase. The team behind Babylon intends to introduce several features, including the Bitcoin Staking Protocol, Bitcoin Timestamping Protocol, and Bitcoin Data Availability Protocol. These new features aim to capitalize on Bitcoin’s strong timestamping and censorship-resistant capabilities by integrating PoS chains with Bitcoin’s ecosystem, thereby expanding its use cases. The Babylon team believes that this move will enhance the functionalities of their blockchain project and make it more accessible to a broader user base.

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