B.C. Supreme Court upholds B.C. Hydro’s Moratorium on Cryptocurrency Mining


  • A court in British Columbia upheld B.C. Hydro’s ban on crypto mining due to its unique energy demands.
  • Conifex Timber, a forestry company turned crypto miner, challenged the 18-month moratorium.
  • Conifex sees the ban as a missed chance for economic growth, but the court prioritized energy affordability for all.

In a recent ruling, a provincial supreme court judge in British Columbia has upheld B.C. Hydro’s 18-month moratorium on cryptocurrency mining projects stated that it was reasonable and not discriminatory. The decision comes after Conifex Timber, a forestry company that had ventured into crypto mining, challenged the moratorium.

Conifex Timber, a British Columbia-based forestry company, had partnered with Tsay Keh Dene Nation, an indigenous tribe, with plans to establish a cryptocurrency mining operation. However, their ambitious project faced a significant setback when B.C. Hydro, the provincial power utility, implemented an 18-month moratorium on cryptocurrency mining projects in December 2022.

Court’s ruling

Justice Michael Tammen, presiding over the case, asserted that B.C. Hydro’s moratorium was both reasonable and well-founded. The judge stated that the moratorium was based on a cost-of-service basis, considering the substantial energy demands of cryptocurrency mining. This approach aimed to ensure that affordable energy access remained available to the broader population of British Columbia.

Justice Tammen highlighted that cryptocurrency mining centers had unique electricity consumption characteristics, which significantly exceeded BC Hydro’s projections for 2023. This excess demand for electricity raised concerns about the strain it would put on the power grid and the potential increase in energy costs for the general public.

In his ruling, Justice Tammen emphasized, “The evidence amply establishes that cryptocurrency mining centers have unique electricity consumption characteristics… The total amount of megawatt hours that would have been required to service all the interconnection requests from cryptocurrency operations in 2023 grossly exceeded the projections of BC Hydro.”

Conifex’s response

Conifex Timber expressed disappointment with the court’s decision, believing that the continued ban on cryptocurrency mining was a missed opportunity for the province. 

In a public statement, the company stated, “Conifex continues to believe that the provincial government is missing out on several opportunities available to it to improve energy affordability, accelerate technological innovation, strengthen the reliability and resiliency of the power distribution grid in British Columbia, and achieve more inclusive economic growth.”


The court’s ruling has significant implications for the cryptocurrency mining industry in British Columbia. While Conifex Timber’s challenge sought to lift the moratorium, the decision reaffirms B.C. Hydro’s authority to regulate the energy-intensive crypto mining operations to maintain energy affordability for all province residents.

The unique energy consumption patterns of cryptocurrency mining operations have raised concerns globally, with various jurisdictions implementing regulations to manage their impact on power grids and energy costs. 

British Columbia’s approach, as validated by this court ruling, emphasizes the need to balance embracing emerging technologies and safeguarding the broader community’s interests.

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