Azuki Founder Zagabond Unveils Identity Amid Community Turmoil


  • The founder of Azuki, known as Zagabond, has publicly disclosed his identity in an effort to address the intense scrutiny and controversy surrounding the project, particularly regarding the allocation and management of funds raised.
  • Following a period of unrest within the Azuki community, including legal actions aimed at recovering funds, Zagabond’s reveal marks a turning point towards transparency and rebuilding trust.



In a surprising turn of events that has captivated the cryptocurrency and NFT communities, the enigmatic founder of Azuki, known by the pseudonym Zagabond, has taken a bold step by revealing his identity on the X platform. Zagabond disclosed that he is of Chinese origin, hailing from Harbin, marking his first visit back to his homeland in over five years, a period extending before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The revelation comes amidst a backdrop of intense scrutiny and controversy surrounding the Azuki project, particularly concerning the allocation and management of funds raised through its initial offering.

Zagabond’s announcement goes beyond just an identity reveal; it underscores his personal mission to bridge the cultural and technological divide between the East and West. By sharing his background and aspirations, Zagabond aims to foster a deeper understanding and connection within the global Azuki community, emphasizing the project’s potential to unite diverse cultures through the power of digital art and blockchain technology.

Navigating through Zagabond’s reveal

The path leading up to Zagabond’s identity reveal has been fraught with challenges. Azuki’s initial success was shadowed by concerns over the utilization of the 20,000 ETH raised during its launch. The lack of transparency and clarity regarding the deployment of these funds led to significant unrest within the Azuki community, culminating in the Azuki DAO’s decision to take legal action. The community’s demand for accountability led to the hiring of lawyers with the intent to recover the funds from Zagabond, alongside the initiation of a lawsuit against him.

However, in a surprising twist, the lawsuit was later withdrawn. The decision, while unexpected, hinted at possible internal resolutions and a move towards reconciling the differences between Zagabond and the broader Azuki community. Further complicating the narrative, Zagabond’s admission in a May 2022 Mirror article revealed his involvement in previous projects such as CryptoPhunks, Tendies, and CryptoZunks within the last year, projects that had varying degrees of success and community reception.

The road ahead for Azuki

Zagabond’s public disclosure and the subsequent unfolding of events represent a pivotal moment for Azuki. The founder’s commitment to transparency and his vision for a culturally cohesive digital ecosystem have set the stage for a potential turnaround in the project’s trajectory. As the Azuki community processes the newfound openness, the focus shifts towards healing and rebuilding trust, with an eye on the future possibilities that Azuki holds as a bridge between diverse cultures and communities.

The challenges faced by Azuki and its founder underscore the complexities and growing pains inherent in the rapidly evolving NFT space. As projects like Azuki navigate through these turbulent waters, the lessons learned and the resolutions reached could serve as valuable blueprints for governance, transparency, and community engagement within the broader digital asset community.


Zagabond’s identity reveal and the subsequent efforts to address community concerns mark a significant chapter in Azuki’s story. As the project moves forward, the emphasis on cultural connection, transparency, and community rebuilding will be critical in shaping its path. The Azuki saga serves as a reminder of the importance of trust and accountability in the digital age, highlighting the potential for projects to unite and inspire across borders and cultures.

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