Aurix Exchange: Revolutionizing Crypto Trading

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The current set of crypto exchanges lack the simplicity to encourage the average person in the streets to embrace them. An exchange such as Aurix exchange seeks to revolutionize the crypto industry by making it more transparent and user-friendly. A platform that makes it easy for people to enter the crypto market can make a great difference for the novice or average trader.

Aurix exchange redefines how  we move, spend, and invest money. The platform employs high-tech solutions to make crypto readily available for people and businesses, just like fiat.

The Aurix Chain Ecosystem

This is an ecosystem of self-reliant financial services, fully designed on the principles and technology of decentralized finance (DeFi). The Aurix chain ecosystem has its own coin called the Aurix token, but this is not the only option available to users. There are lots of benefits that come with multiple benefits to its holders. 

All transactions will be executed, and each fund delivered directly to their designation point of delivery.

Problems in the crypto industry

  • Low liquidity and transaction speed

If a crypto exchange has low liquidity, it means  you can’t quickly buy or sell a crypto asset on the platform. This has been one of the major problems facing most crypto exchanges in the market. Aside from the problem of low liquidity, these exchanges also suffer from low transaction speed. The implication is that such platforms make crypto trading frustrating to engage in.

  • Complex crypto trading platform

Many of the crypto exchanges available today are  complex to the average user. If we hope to encourage more participation in the crypto space, then there is a need to have a simple, effective, and efficient crypto trading platform. This is exactly what the Aurix exchange offers  the crypto industry.

  • High or high commissions

Another problem facing the crypto exchanges is that of high and hidden commissions. When people’s money is taken without their prior knowledge or consent, they begin to lose interest in the platform and its services gradually. Such action derails the quest for mainstream crypto adoption. 

  • Insecurity and lack of trust

Security breach in crypto exchanges is now so common, and this has become very disturbing. In 2020 alone, a whopping $1.9 billion was stolen from multiple crypto exchanges. We also saw a couple of crypto platforms, like Roll, which lost money to hackers in 2021 due to a security breach.

Aurix exchange solutions 

  • Aurix exchange provides the highest liquidity and fast transaction execution

The exchange supports all the commonly traded cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, and the system offers high liquidity. Users can execute their transactions within a second, which is unlike what is obtainable in most of the exchanges we have today.

  • Low predefined commissions (no hidden charges)

Every product on the Aurix Chain ecosystem has low pre-defined commissions. Therefore, there are no hidden fees extorting users on the platform.

  • User-centric solutions

Aurix exchange has product designs based on customer development research. They build products with an intuitive design and user-friendly interfaces. Having the end-user in mind while developing their product solutions ensures they create a simple system without complexities for the average user.

  • High-security standards

The incessant attacks on several crypto trading platforms made the founders design Aurix with high-security standards. Aurix Chain ensures that the information and coins of users are safe while also keeping the transactions safe and anonymous. 

The Aurix Chain

Aurix hopes to launch the Aurix chain that will enable all the solutions on the ecosystem. The chain will power the payment pillar, the trading and other decentralized finance (DeFi) services and products. The usage of DeFi cashback will support all the services. Binance, the largest crypto exchange by trading volume, was launched in 2017, but its chain (Binance Smart Chain) was launched in 2020. Aurix exchange will be live for users to conduct their transactions seamlessly, but the chain will be launched at a later date.


The Aurix Exchange has what it takes to transform the current crypto industry completely. With its user-centric solutions, crypto enthusiasts will undoubtedly be glad for such a revolutionizing platform. With the coming of the Aurix Chain, the project is geared to take the crypto industry by storm.

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