AscendEX launches Polygon Yield Farming

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• The AscendEX platform will open Polygon rewards from September 1.
• AscendEX users will enjoy a platform with low gas rates.

AscendEX, one of the largest global cryptocurrency platforms, announces its Polygon plan based on betting with an improved APR system. For a while, the clients on the website will have a return on their assets if they have an account below $10,000 USDC.

The AscendEX platform officially launches the “Yield Farming” system, which will allow users to put their cryptocurrency. This profit system will be managed with Polygon; launched in July by the platform.

Polygon earnings are trending at AscendEX


From the first week of September, users on AscendEX will deposit their USDC to obtain the native crypto and earn interest. The APRs to which the subscriber will be open are USDC, CRV, and MATIC. The user could earn up to 20 percent, and a bonus of 10 percent is available from September 1-7.

Users can also farm within AscendEX and enjoy low gas rates. Production exploration at AscendEX can be a resource-intensive action for users to confer their assets to a DeFi tag. With this method, the user obtains the rewards that could come in various cryptos, depending on the DeFi network protocol used.

The only way Yield Farming can be used with the Polygon token is via the AscendEX platform. The developers of the crypto website will handle the entire Backend scheme and interrupt the problems associated with DeFi. In this way, customers can grow and use Polygon tokens with little concern about their performance.

AscendEX and Ethereum’s blockchain network

Several of the DeFi-focused Apps, including Polygon, focus their protocol on the Ethereum Blockchain network. This ETH network would correspond to the second largest and most used blockchain among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The Ether network is special because its protocol makes it easy to build Dapps, and it doesn’t just work for crypto transactions.

AscendEX aims to build and link Blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. Adding scalable protocols supported by the Ether network, the platform aims to have the best Ethereum system and a complete blockchain.

The native AscendEX currency also reinforces negative points that are linked to blockchains. Polygon wants to avoid paying excessive gas in transactions and increase the performance of these crypto movements. All these optimizations are to be included in the system without interfering with the security that AscendEX offers you.

AscendEX expects a great receptivity to its native currency, and users can take advantage of its APR offers. The deadline for these rewards that will undoubtedly bring high profits to their participants is slated for the 7th of September.

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