Arizona State University Introduces Groundbreaking AI Business Degree


  • Arizona State University now offers a new Master’s in AI for business. It’s the first of its kind from a business school in the U.S. 
  • This program mixes AI tech know-how with smart business tips. It’s perfect for folks wanting to be bosses in the AI business scene. 
  • Grads will be all set to shake things up and solve big world problems with AI.

In an exciting step, the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (ASU) has just launched a new Master’s program in AI for business. It’s the very first one like it, mixing tech skills with business smarts for the digital world.

Connecting AI and business in Arizona

The MS-AIB program is all about getting ready for a world where AI and business meet. It’s made to train up future leaders to handle all the positives and negatives of AI in business. The professors teaching it are top-notch, and students will get to really dive into AI tech. What’s special is learning how to use AI to solve actual business issues, making grads not just tech-smart but also sharp thinkers.

Ohad Kadan, Charles J. Robel Dean and W. P. Carey Distinguished Chair in Business, says understanding AI is key to doing well in business. He’s proud of this new program because it’s going to help fill a big need for experts who get both the tech and business sides of AI.

Starting at the Tempe campus, this program isn’t just about classes. It includes career advice and hands-on projects. It’s all about making grads who can look at a business problem, create an AI strategy, and lead with a good heart.

Empowering future leaders

The main goal of the MS-AIB program is to get students ready to rock the world where AI meets business. Pei-yu Chen, chair of the Department of Information Systems, shared what they’re aiming for. They want students to get good at using AI to make business better, talk about how beneficial AI is for business, and make sure AI is used in a good, safe, and fair way.

It’s not just about knowing AI tech. Grads will also learn to lead teams and kick off new projects. This program teaches them to look ahead and find smart ways to solve big business problems around the world.

Plus, ASU’s W. P. Carey School is doing even more with AI in education. Now, students can choose AI paths in MBA and Information Systems Management programs. This shows the school’s big commitment to making sure students are ready for a future filled with tech.

Kicking off the MS-AIB program is ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business showing they’re all in on leading the way with education that’s right on point with today’s business needs. They’re mixing AI tech smarts with business wisdom to prepare leaders who’ll shine in a world run by AI.

This program is all set to be a game-changer with its top-notch lessons, expert teachers, and focus on using what you learn in the real world. As AI changes the game in industries everywhere, graduates from ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business will be ready to lead the charge and bring fresh ideas to the table in a digital age.

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