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Artificial Intelligence is an advancing technology that will continue to evolve and gain massive traction in today’s world. With AI, machines can now exhibit human-level intelligence.

Over time, engineers have made significant advancements in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence. One such technology is Federated Learning (FL).

Simply put, FL is a decentralized AI that integrates well with the blockchain domain. Phoenix Global is pioneering blockchain-based uses of FL combined with the existing applications of AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – CrossPlatform Applications 


Many AI success stories involve the revolutionization of e-commerce. At its first inception, navigating e-commerce platforms was a Herculean task, particularly when the buyer or seller had limited information about the product of interest. In most cases, they needed to know the exact name of the product.

Now, even a misspelled product name in the search bar comes back with different, relevant results. Before typing in 5 of 12 words, the user has several matching suggestions. These results are possible because the Internet uses predictions based on activity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) does an excellent job at this, creating fantastic marketing opportunities.

  • AI for CRM

An AI-powered CRM gives businesses real-time insights across several consumer channels. AI-CRM can also learn from historical patterns to determine the best sales leads for the future.

  • Automotive

The data collected in the automotive industry is massive. Unfortunately, this data could eventually become useless if the industry does not derive insights. To solve this issue, AI comes to play, particularly with self-driving vehicles and robotics.

  • Finance, Market Analysis, and Predictions

Most financial institutions rely on the expertise of data scientists and high-end CPUs to predict market patterns. However, humans have limited capability in data analytics. On the other hand, AI-powered machines can crunch large volumes of data, learn market patterns from past data, and provide futuristic predictions.

  • Healthcare

Historical data is instrumental to futuristic decisions in the health sector. AI can help health professionals obtain a swift, accurate diagnosis and make the right calls in emergency scenarios. AI innovations in healthcare include stroke prevention systems, cancer diagnostic systems, and real-time health trackers.

  • Banking 

The banking sector never lacks in adopting new technology, significantly if it improves customer experience and security. Several banking systems have already used AI-oriented solutions to detect fraud, solve credit card anomalies, and improve consumer support. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence birthed intelligent chatbots, providing real-time and relevant responses with excellent speech recognition. 

Other Artificial Intelligence and Federated Learning applications offered by Phoenix Global include retail, travel, consumer internet, luxury, & lifestyle.

FL Techniques, Phoenix Global, and the Link with AI

Artificial Intelligence is terrific, but of course, it comes with its data privacy challenges. Federated Learning brings a new methodology to AI and promises transformative potential for several ecosystems. 

To do this, FL opens up a massive pool of data sets, which are domiciled on individual data hosts, to learning algorithms. This technique preserves data privacy regulations, as the system does not share information put forward by the participants during the learning process.

Phoenix Global actively engages strategic partners to integrate existing artificial intelligence models and systems, such as APEX IQ. In addition, a Phoenix Oracle integration is also in the pipeline, which should initiate fast, reliable connections with existing AI platforms.

Final thoughts

Federated Learning (FL) techniques usher in a new ML paradigm that trains algorithms locally and aggregates learning algorithms at a centralized server. This technique is capable of avoiding direct data sharing and reducing critical data leakages. FL also creates a decentralized AI system that supersedes the traditional AI methodology. 

Phoenix Global is in the mix and bringing early enterprise applications to its customer base.

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