Apecoin (APE) and Azuki (AZUKI) Token Holders Have Started To Buy Metacade (MCADE)

The cryptocurrency market has undergone massive shifts over the last year. Even the truly big hitters have felt the heat, with some coins suffering pretty disastrous crashes, while others seem to leap from strength to strength.  

Why are both APE and Azuki nosediving while Metacade’s MCADE token is tipped for a spectacular price rise? This article will look at each platform’s key features to uncover the factors which are causing these token prices to follow such different destinies.

Why does Metacade look like one of the best investment opportunities? 

Any analysis work carried out on the crypto market just now is going to come to the same conclusion: the Metacade project is set to become a huge winner. This metaverse project is, at its core, a next-generation, virtual arcade gaming hub, using the MCADE token as its native currency. 

The confidence in this token stems from its premise to be a truly revolutionary platform that is going to enable gaming fans, game developers and crypto entrepreneurs the chance to mingle in an outstanding community. The focal point of Metacade is to be user-driven, which is everything from gamers contributing by writing reviews or playtesting new gaming features all the way to passive investors staking their tokens to earn more MCADE. It is shaping up to become utterly compelling.

Encompassing multiple features for developers is also a smart move. One such system is  Metagrants, which looks to provide budding game designers with the chance to win funding for their pay-to-play and play-to-earn game projects. With titles being voted for by the community, the prospect of tightly integrated game development is where the true investment potential is revealed. 

MCADE plans to be listed on the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges early in 2023 and is widely expected to boom in price from this point onwards.

Why is APE crashing and Azuki falling in value? 

While it’s easy to see why confidence in the MCADE token is flying high, other tokens have clearly suffered a crisis of investor confidence in 2022. Starting with the ApeCoin (APE), which is an ERC-20 governance token that as part of the ApeCoin DAO lets token holders take part in the platform’s decision-making process. It also gives them access to extra services and games. 

It’s fallen from an all-time high of over $24 to under $5 at the time of writing. A total of one billion tokens were minted in March 2022 and were released in stages. Why is APE crashing? Part of the reason could be a metaverse land sale, which saw plots in Otherside, the Yuga Labs metaverse project partnered with ApeCoin, being sold for a flat rate rather than in an auction-style sale, causing the token to fall. But an even bigger reason could be that it’s simply not considered a particularly useful token that people want to own. There are also ongoing regulatory concerns.

Azuki is an NFT project with an anime theme. It uses the Azuki Physical Backed Token (PBT), which links real-world items to the blockchain. Meanwhile, the AZUKI NFT collection plummeted in value at the start of 2021 and still hasn’t yet recovered. Perhaps this token simply doesn’t hold the value for investors that the creators thought it would.

APE and AZUKI holders are turning to Metacade for better returns

Anyone who has invested in APE or AZUKI has seen a brutally disappointing return. If they  bought either of these tokens at the highest price in their history, they’ll have lost a significant chunk of money too. This helps to explain why so many of them are turning to Metacade and the MCADE token to aim for better profits.

Why Metacade will outperform APE and AZUKI

Why are both APE and AZUKI’s woes a sign of a huge market shift? It seems that these projects have failed to ignite the public’s imagination – or at least are simply too difficult to imagine in the first place. It’s difficult to connect with projects that leave people feeling disconnected from their core needs and values.

Luckily, it leaves the door wide open for better, more streamlined tokens that tap into people’s desires more easily, and enable them to rapidly overtake. MCADE is looking like it’s extremely likely to crush it in the upcoming years, in no small part thanks to its excellent design and dedicated community approach.

The presale of 1.4 billion MCADE tokens looks set to be a massive success by the end of 2022. Being sold over 9 total stages, it will initially be offered at 125MCADE for $1, but becomes more expensive as the exclusivity goes, becoming 50MCADE for $1 in the final stage. We expect to see this value rocket as more people discover the strength behind this platform.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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