An Interview with Crypto King: How Traders with 22 Years of Experience Use Robots to Profit

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 Today we came to know a trader who has achieved great success in digital currency trading and robot trading, for which his friends usually call him CK (Crypto King).

CK is a seasoned crypto trader with 22 years of trading experience, having worked as a lead TA Specialist at companies such as GS and Piper Jaffrey, and has also programmed robots for automated trading in the fintech space. He specializes in technical analysis and teaching. His forte is creating and reading charts and calling signals for the floor.

His creation, CK Trading Institute of Technology LLC, ranked first on the 2021 Google Trading Academy and Technology search list. He currently helps more than 2500 traders to earn more than $22.9 million in profits on the forex and crypto markets.

Q: What is your vision?

CK: Make trading easier. Through teaching students can take fewer detours, as soon as possible to achieve wealth freedom.

Q: How many people are currently following you?

CK: If you count the students of social media accounts and some of the students who have graduated, it should already be more than 100,000.

Q: Do you have any advice for a cryptocurrency novice?

CK: When you first enter, you don’t have to rush to invest a lot of money. Trading is also a process that needs to be learned gradually. Having a good attitude and fully learning all aspects of knowledge will make you go further.

Q: Now do you get more profit from manual trading or robot trading?

CK: Probably half of both. I have 22 years of trading experience, for some novices, my trading strategy and trading experience is undoubtedly a good help, so I insist on calling some trading signals every day to tell them why I will go long/short and take profit/stop loss in this position. Maybe this is the difference between me and other analysts. I will not give you some virtual things. All that I teach is from experience that I have lost money over the years.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of developing robot trading?

CK: In fact, I learned about robots many years ago, but that’s only on the forex market. Developing robots in the cryptocurrency market is actually more of a requirement of my students. Once one of my students turned off the computer and left for about 2 hours because of work. However, during those two hours, the market fluctuated violently due to the influence of BAD NEWS, and the price of BTC dropped from $49,000 to $44,000, which directly led to the loss of over $6500.You know, there are a lot of part-time traders who don’t have that much time to keep an eye on the market. Thus, robot trading was born.

An Interview with Crypto King: How Traders with 22 Years of Experience Use Robots to Profit 1

Q: Compared to manual trading, what are the advantages of robot trading?

CK:  Honestly, it was only after I made such an attempt that I discovered that robot trading has incomparable advantages over manual exchanges.

First of all, the fact that the machine runs according to a specific algorithm gives the trader absolute risk control while guaranteeing the maximum return. Unlike manual trading, the machine will not linger because the market is currently favorable, resulting in missing the best time to close the position. According to the algorithm, when it is time to close the position, the machine will not hesitate. 

At the same time, with the wisdom and experience of many foreign exchange experts as the support, the machine can ensure profitability in trading. I believe that this is also what every investor expects but does not achieve. 

The characteristics of robot trading like strict control on algorithm and position and no over-trading have proved the great advantages of machine exchanges in many ways.

Q: What do you get with robot trading?

CK: In the beginning, I made some money through robot trading, which was also my start-up fund. Later, I wanted to build a better robot trading ecosystem, so I set up two trading rooms to do robot trading & share robot trading knowledge. 

My ADV 500 group consists of retired and experienced forex traders, while New Traders Signals Group is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to trade forex cryptocurrency pairs safely and profitably. We have different levels of membership. Basic, Premium and All Access. At present, more than 2500+ people have joined our discord group. Actually, we will have live broadcasts on Discord to solve people’s problems and share trading experience. The platform has helped more than 2500+ people achieve $22.9 million in revenue in the past year, which is a considerable benefit for the entire industry. 

We are also currently expanding our team and welcome everyone who wants to make a big splash in the crypto market. Join CK trading institute forex pod class now. Click here to get free guest CK trading bootcamp discord registration.Click here to register a free Bexplus brokerage account to trade live with CK.

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