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Allpay prepaid card to help COVID-19 aid disbursement

Allpay prepaid card

The Allpay prepaid card has come in handy in helping in the COVID-19 aid disbursement. This is good news in a world facing total lockdown as a result of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The UK based payment processing outfit has come up with a prepaid card that will help in the disbursement of emergency funds to populations adversely affected by the pandemic.

Government funds to be disbursed through Allpay prepaid card

Already, the government has set aside emergency funds to be disbursed to those in dire need. Allpay has announced that it will provide prepaid card services that will make the disbursement process fast and secure

The senior product manager at Allpay, Mary Cotton says that they have worked on a prepaid card that is tailored to support councils in accessing funds for those adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. They are in serious need of funds and the platform will ride on the blockchain speed to reach them.

She goes on to add:

“With a set of pre-defined limits and configuration and the ability to fast-track a program approval, we can make a new program live and operational within two weeks of receiving instruction”.

Allpay prepaid card access to rapid Apps

The program will have access to rapid Apps and a stringent approval mechanism. The card is designed as an instant issue Mastercard® designed for disbursing funds in situations like the pandemic. Users can pre-set appropriate load values and limits. This helps in spent management and can be easily be topped up or reloaded. What’s more, they are designed and coded to be used in select merchant points of sales.

According to the product manager, the prepaid card works well in emergency situations where the user requires urgent funds. It can also be used to shop online or from designated physical shops. She also adds that the card is equipped with a chip, PIN prompt mechanism and can be used in select ATMs for fast and easy withdrawals.

Getting Hold of Allpay prepaid card

The prepaid card takes three weeks after placing an order. However, there needs to be a reason why the facility is needed. A confirmed program has to be in place with a clear implementation.  Bulk emergency orders take about ten working days to be ready.

At press time, Allpay has partnered with 50 councils across the United Kingdom. They help the payment processor to distribute the card to needy projects. The platform has experience in working with small and large scale projects. The councils have used the Allpay prepaid card in the past in the provision of social care services and the COVID-19 emergency should not pose any challenges.

Albert Kim

Albert Kim

Albert Kim is a full time tech content developer and writer specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He has been in the tech industry for the last 7 years helping businesses scale up their potential to the next level.

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