AI-Powered Mobile Phone Revolutionizes Access to Information for Visually-Impaired Nigerians

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  • Visually impaired Nigerians now access AI info via offline mobile phones from Viamo, boosting knowledge in remote areas.
  • Viamo’s affordable service lets users ask questions via voice or SMS, helping those with low literacy or finances.
  • Global agencies support this initiative and expand to other countries, aiming to empower underserved communities worldwide.

In a groundbreaking development, visually impaired individuals in Nigeria are experiencing newfound access to information thanks to an innovative AI-powered mobile phone service. Spearheaded by Canada-based organization Viamo, this service harnesses artificial intelligence to provide offline accessibility, catering to communities even in the most remote areas without internet connectivity.

Empowering accessibility through AI technology

The service, which operates offline, eliminates barriers to information for individuals like Kehinde Olutubosun, a geography and animal enthusiast who previously struggled due to the absence of a smartphone. Leveraging traditional handsets and local mobile networks, users can interact with the AI system via SMS or voice calls, making it particularly accessible to those who are visually impaired or illiterate.

Notably, the AI-powered mobile phone service offers affordability, allowing users to access a wealth of information for minimal costs. Individuals with limited financial means can utilize the service by investing as little as 10 naira to glean valuable insights and knowledge. This affordability aspect has garnered praise from users like Olutubosun, who express gratitude for the newfound opportunities it presents.

“People who are not that financially buoyant still have this opportunity to use even as little as 10 naira to ask lots of questions that will benefit them, I am so happy,” remarked Olutubosun.

Expanding reach to global communities

Following its successful launch in Nigeria, Viamo’s AI-powered mobile phone service is now poised for expansion into other regions, including Pakistan, India, and Tanzania. With a mission to reach the world’s poorest and most remote communities, Viamo aims to bridge information gaps and foster empowerment among underserved populations.

Viamo’s initiative has garnered support from various international development agencies, including those from the United States and the United Kingdom. Partnering with organizations like UNICEF, Viamo facilitates the dissemination of crucial information on vital topics such as HIV, tropical diseases, nutrition, and sanitation. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of leveraging technology to address societal challenges and improve well-being.

Integrating AI technology into mobile phone services represents a significant step forward in enhancing accessibility and inclusivity for marginalized communities. By prioritizing offline functionality and affordability, Viamo’s initiative ensures that individuals with visual impairments, low literacy levels, or

limited financial resources can access vital information essential for personal and communal development.
As Viamo continues to expand its AI-powered mobile phone service to new regions, the potential for positive impact remains substantial. By democratizing access to information and empowering individuals with knowledge, this innovative solution can uplift communities, drive socio-economic progress, and foster greater inclusivity on a global scale.

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