AI Integration Set to Transform Shipbuilding Sector


  • HD Hyundai and Naver team up to use AI in shipbuilding and maritime sectors, aiming for digital innovation.
  • They’ll integrate Naver’s AI into HD Hyundai’s database to analyze data and suggest optimal routes.
  • The collaboration aims to improve efficiency, sustainability, and customer service in the maritime industry.

In a groundbreaking move towards digital innovation within the shipbuilding and maritime sectors, HD Hyundai, Korea’s leading shipbuilder, and Naver, the country’s foremost internet company, have joined forces. The collaboration aims to integrate Naver’s cutting-edge generative AI technology into HD Hyundai’s extensive database, which houses over 200 million shipbuilding and maritime records.

The partnership unveiled

HD Hyundai Vice Chairman Chung Ki-sun and Naver CEO Choi Soo-yeon formalized the partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This milestone agreement sets the stage for HD Hyundai to incorporate Naver’s HyperClova X, a powerful language model, into its database infrastructure.

The integration of Naver’s AI technology into HD Hyundai’s database is poised to revolutionize the utilization of vast amounts of maritime data. Leveraging Naver Cloud, the partnership aims to transform this wealth of information into actionable insights through big data analytics. Shipowners will benefit from AI-driven deep learning algorithms, providing optimal navigation routes tailored to diverse environmental conditions.

In line with the collaborative efforts, HD Hyundai and Naver are set to introduce the “Meta Ocean Data Cloud” in the first half of the year. This comprehensive ocean data platform, built on Naver Cloud infrastructure, will serve as a pivotal resource for stakeholders in the maritime industry.

Beyond database integration and AI-driven analytics, the partnership between HD Hyundai and Naver opens doors to new business opportunities within the shipbuilding and shipping domains. The companies are poised to capitalize on synergies to drive innovation and meet evolving industry demands.

HD Hyundai Marine Solutions’ strategic initiatives

As an affiliate specializing in maritime solutions, HD Hyundai Marine Solutions is strategically positioned to leverage the insights gleaned from the Meta Ocean Data Cloud. The company aims to offer shipowners enhanced operational efficiency and environmental sustainability through data-driven decision-making.

With access to real-time data and AI-powered simulations, shipowners can optimize navigation routes efficiently and minimize environmental impact. HD Hyundai Marine Solutions’ commitment to innovation extends to developing chatbots utilizing Naver’s technology, providing seamless after-service support for ship and engine inquiries.

HD Hyundai CEO Chung expressed confidence in Naver’s cloud infrastructure and AI technology as catalysts for realizing the company’s vision of ‘Ocean Transformation.’ Meanwhile, Naver CEO Choi reaffirmed the company’s commitment to facilitating digital transitions across diverse industries.

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