AI Humanoid Robots: Transforming Small Business Workforce


  • AI robots can assist small businesses, cutting costs and workload.
  • Professor Sentis believes in robots working alongside humans for better productivity.
  • But AI ‘ghost bots’ may worsen grief and stress, raising concerns about mental health impact.

The AI humanoid robots may take center stage in transforming the areas of small enterprises in the upcoming years, as stated by the experts. According to the renowned professor in aerospace engineering, Luis Sentis, the new emerging technology is humanoids, which is about to revolutionize the workload and is mostly beneficial for budding entrepreneurs. 

The Sentis focuses on the revolutionary reactions that robots could have to enable established process changes in business areas with limited resources, e.g., the florists. Similarly, robots can work on several tasks much more efficiently, thus lightening up local entrepreneurs’ handheld burden and creating an opportunity to complete more tasks with less human labor.

Augmenting human potential

However, AI dangers remain, but that does not enhance Sentis’s belief in the ability of robots to positively impact small businesses. Instead of perceiving the robots as a threat to the human workforce, the author brought up the idea of augmentation by which there will be teamwork between humans and robots, consequently increasing work productivity and business growth.

Humans have certain limits, including everything from the need to rest and vacations to the division of higher positions among themselves, which impede business operations and incur costs to some extent. In contradistinction, robotics technologies bring about an opportunity to reduce operational costs by dispensing with the constraints that provide operational efficiency.

Though AI human robotics in small businesses attracts a lot of potential advantages, incorporating this innovation is currently faced with some hurdles. We are facing the engineering problems that make AI technology inhuman and the consequent financial stumbling blocks of humanoid bots, seemingly preventing their immediate implementation in business sharply.

Elon Musk, one of the most prominent actors in the AI development area, makes guesses on prices of humanoid-type robots from his Tesla Optimus line, which could be worth around $20,000 with all that’s included. Nevertheless, this more pessimistic view of the situation remains not the most probable as technology advances and manufacturing gets more massive.

Human-centered robotics

Dr. Sentis, the Human Centered Robotics Laboratory team leader at Austin, Texas, is the first researcher in cutting-edge technology in humanoid robotics. With Draco 3, his recent robots, robots have shown an ability to do things that there were humans only doing, from making coffee to cooking meals.

In addition to that, the main unique feature of the Draco 3 model is that it is not a merely a household assistant at this moment. However, Robotic applications designed for domestic purposes see a future when humanoid robots integrate into household lifts that potentially redefine home management.

AI’s impact on mental health

Artificial intelligence is a game changer for the further deterioration of mental health.

AI humanoid robots use comfortable tools to get business and domestic work done, and concern about their users’ mental health also arises, especially in their environment. The latest research reveals that humans are vulnerable to psychosocial aspects like AI ‘ghost bots’ (digital replicas of dead individuals) that can harm the individuals grieving.

Therapists who use AI emphasize that communication involving virtual simulations of loved ones can intensify emotional fatigue, panic, and depression, resulting in visions and paranoia. Although the positive feelings created by artificial intelligence can positively influence patients’ recovery process, there are quite a few ethical issues and possible psychological consequences that should be considered, and further studies are required.

With its promising AI technology, AI humanoid robots are destined to change the landscape of workforce dynamics in small businesses, bringing high returns and cost savings. While the widespread adoption of this tech depends on overcoming the current limitations and the issues involving its use, the future looks like AI will play a greater role in our lives.

AI research and development are being developed every day. The main point here must be that stakeholders must start with a human-centered approach and ethical considerations. They must consider that humanoid robots will be responsibly integrated into the different segments of daily living.

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