Fans and AI Collaborate to Create “The Greatest Track on Earth” for F1 Season Opener


  • Formula 1 fans and AI unite to create “The Greatest Track on Earth” featuring iconic elements from global circuits.
  • Lewis Hamilton chosen by fans to navigate the 6km masterpiece, highlighting his enduring popularity in the sport.
  • The innovative project blends realism with creativity, offering a glimpse into the future of F1 track design.

In an unprecedented collaboration between Formula 1 fans and artificial intelligence (AI), Sky Sports has unveiled “The Greatest Track on Earth,” a fusion of iconic landmarks and turns from various circuits across the globe.

This innovative project, initiated ahead of the 2024 F1 season, aimed to capture the essence of fan-favorite elements while embracing technological advancements in track design.

Fan-driven selection process

Over 4,000 F1 enthusiasts participated in a poll conducted by Sky Sports, expressing their preferences for favorite landmarks, turns, and circuits. Drawing from this collective input, the resulting amalgamation features renowned segments such as Monza’s Parabolica, Interlagos’ Senna ‘S,’ and Spa’s legendary Eau Rouge, among others.

Noteworthy inclusions also span the Monaco Swimming Pool chicane and the uphill climb of Circuit of the Americas’ first straight in Texas.

Lewis hamilton to navigate “The greatest track”

In a testament to his enduring popularity, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton emerged as the preferred driver to tackle the 6km masterpiece in his Mercedes Silver Arrows. Hamilton, set to transition to Ferrari at the end of the 2024 season, clinched 28% of the fan votes, securing his place as the chosen navigator for this exhilarating journey.

The AI-generated track incorporates elements from 10 distinct circuits, blending real-world imagery with imaginative enhancements courtesy of the AI creative platform, Midjourney. Notable features include a simulated Silverstone amidst pouring rain, accentuated by the iconic RAF Red Arrows soaring overhead. Furthermore, the circuit encompasses the narrow confines of Baku’s castle section, the Grand Hotel hairpin in Monaco, and the majestic Mount Fuji serving as a backdrop in Japan.

Global fan influence

Reflecting the global appeal of Formula 1, fans from various nations contributed to the creation of “The Greatest Track on Earth.” Italian supporters, comprising 39% of the surveyed audience, emerged as the predominant influencers, embodying their nation’s fervent passion for motorsport.

Meanwhile, British fans, comprising 28% of the respondents, reinforced the diverse and widespread fan base that fuels the sport’s excitement and anticipation.

Former F1 world champion and Sky Sports analyst Jenson Button hailed the project as a testament to the sport’s allure, emphasizing the significance of passionate fans and the diverse challenges posed by different circuits worldwide.

Button expressed his enthusiasm for the imagined track, envisioning it as a thrilling amalgamation of F1’s most defining attributes, from Monaco’s glamour to Spa’s unpredictable weather conditions.

The future of F1 track design

The Greatest Track on Earth” stands as a pioneering example of collaborative innovation in F1 track design, showcasing the potential for AI to augment traditional approaches and infuse creativity into the sport. As technology continues to evolve, such initiatives promise to redefine the boundaries of possibility, offering fans and stakeholders alike unprecedented experiences and avenues for engagement.

With the unveiling of “The Greatest Track on Earth,” Formula 1 embarks on a new era of fan-centric innovation and technological integration. This collaborative endeavor not only celebrates the sport’s rich heritage but also paves the way for future advancements in track design and spectator engagement.

As the 2024 F1 season kicks off in Bahrain, fans can anticipate a thrilling spectacle, both on the track and in the realm of imaginative exploration driven by AI and collective passion.

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