German Bank powers 21Bitcoin with €2.1M boost for crypto services

German Bank powers 21Bitcoin with €2.1M boost for crypto services

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  • 21Bitcoin secured a €2.1 million investment from German banking heavyweight Volksbank Raiffeisenbank to enhance its Bitcoin financial services and user experience in Europe.
  • The company plans to introduce new features, expand services, and obtain a pioneering European MiCAR license to align with regulatory standards by 2024.


In an assertive move to enhance the Bitcoin financial landscape in Europe, 21Bitcoin, a purveyor of Bitcoin financial services, has recently announced a substantial infusion of capital amounting to €2.1 million. The investment emanates from Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte eG, a vanguard in German banking, underscoring confidence in the future of cryptocurrency financial services.

German Bank backs 21Bitcoin’s vision

The strategic funding round led by Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte eG heralds a new chapter for 21Bitcoin, underpinned by the German giant’s belief in the potential of FIOR Digital GmbH—the dynamo behind 21Bitcoin. Faith is not unfounded, as 21Bitcoin has carved a niche for itself by attracting a burgeoning customer base with its distinctive service offerings in the European market.

The German bank has not only extended its financial support but also its optimism regarding 21Bitcoin’s approach to simplifying Bitcoin transactions. The platform’s commitment to a user-centric experience, one that prioritizes simplicity and humanity, has distinguished it from the competition. The €2.1 million investment will further enable the company to fine-tune its services, making Bitcoin transactions more accessible and user-friendly.

Strategic partnership for European expansion

With the funding announcement making waves on social media, 21Bitcoin has underscored its plans for expansion and customer service betterment. The collaboration with Volksbank Raiffeisenbank is poised to transcend financial support, venturing into educational domains to elucidate the burgeoning significance of Bitcoin in the European market.

The company has articulated a clear strategic plan that will unfold over the coming months, aiming to cement its position in the Bitcoin market. The plan includes not only service enhancement but also an ambitious educational initiative to increase Bitcoin literacy across Europe. As stated in their communication channels, 21Bitcoin aims to leverage its partnership to elevate the user experience and broaden its reach.

Innovative features and regulatory compliance

The capital injection will spearhead the development of unique features for the 21Bitcoin application, which promises to enrich the Bitcoin user experience. In the backdrop of these user-focused enhancements is the plan to integrate the Lightning Network seamlessly into their services, simplifying Bitcoin sales with a unified balance approach. The expansion of the popular 21Private service to companies signifies 21Bitcoin’s commitment to delivering straightforward, transparent, and cost-efficient Bitcoin services.

Notably, 21Bitcoin is gearing up to become the inaugural Bitcoin entity to obtain the new European MiCAR license, representing a significant milestone in regulatory compliance. The funds will also be allocated towards aligning with the MiCAR guidelines, a move that will pave the way for 21Bitcoin to offer and advertise cryptocurrency services across several European Union countries by 2024.

The roadmap outlined by 21Bitcoin, backed by the technological acumen of FIOR Digital GmbH, is laser-focused on widening its customer base and elevating the standards of Bitcoin services in Europe. With its funding and strategic partnership, 21Bitcoin is set to navigate the future of Bitcoin financial services with innovative solutions and regulatory sagacity, potentially revolutionizing the European Bitcoin market.


21Bitcoin’s recent funding success reflects a growing trend of traditional financial institutions recognizing the potential of cryptocurrency services. With substantial backing, clear strategic goals, and an innovative service model, the platform is well-positioned to lead the evolution of Bitcoin financial services in Europe. As the company rolls out its new features and complies with upcoming regulatory frameworks, it will be interesting to observe how it shapes the future of cryptocurrency usage and education on the continent.

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