2024 World Video Game Hall of Fame Nominees Announced


  • World Video Game Hall of Fame announces diverse nominees, inviting fans to vote for their favorites. 
  • From classic arcade games to modern masterpieces, this year’s nominees showcase the rich history of gaming.
  • Iconic titles like Resident Evil and Guitar Hero stand out among the nominees, highlighting their lasting impact on the gaming industry. 

The Strong National Museum of Play, located in Rochester, New York, has unveiled the nominees for the prestigious World Video Game Hall of Fame. This esteemed institution celebrates video games that have made significant contributions to culture and society, shaping the gaming landscape and leaving an indelible mark on popular culture.

A diverse range of nominees

This year’s list of nominees features a diverse array of titles, spanning multiple genres, platforms, and eras. From classic arcade games to modern masterpieces, the selection represents the rich tapestry of video game history.

Among the nominees are timeless classics like Asteroids and Ultima, which laid the foundation for the medium with their innovative gameplay mechanics and enduring appeal. These games paved the way for future generations of developers, inspiring countless titles across a variety of genres.

In addition to these classics, the list includes more recent entries such as The Last of Us, a critically acclaimed action-adventure game known for its compelling narrative and emotional depth. The inclusion of newer titles reflects the ongoing evolution of the gaming industry and the diverse range of experiences it offers to players.

Fan participation encouraged

Fans of video games are encouraged to participate in the selection process by voting for their favorite nominees. The voting period runs from March 14th to March 21st, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to champion the titles they believe deserve recognition.

This democratic approach to selecting inductees ensures that the Hall of Fame reflects the preferences and passions of the gaming community, fostering a sense of ownership and pride among fans.

Impactful contributions to gaming

Each nominee has made a significant impact on the gaming landscape, influencing subsequent titles and shaping the medium as a whole. For example, Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater introduced innovative gameplay mechanics that redefined their respective genres, while Resident Evil revolutionized the horror genre with its tense atmosphere and immersive storytelling.

Similarly, games like Myst and Neopets pushed the boundaries of interactive entertainment, offering players unique experiences that challenged their creativity and imagination. These titles demonstrate the diverse ways in which video games can captivate and inspire players, transcending traditional boundaries and genres.

The World Video Game Hall of Fame honors the enduring legacy of video games as a cultural phenomenon, celebrating their ability to entertain, educate, and inspire audiences around the world. By recognizing the contributions of these iconic titles, the Hall of Fame preserves and promotes the rich history of video games, ensuring that future generations can appreciate and enjoy these timeless classics.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it is essential to acknowledge the impact of these groundbreaking titles and the role they have played in shaping the medium. Stay tuned for the announcement of this year’s inductees during the ceremony on May 9th, where the contributions of these iconic games will be celebrated and honored.

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