$16 Million Exploit Hits Curio Ecosystem: 1 Billion CGT Tokens Minted Illegally


  • The Curio ecosystem suffered a $16 million exploit due to a permission access logic flaw, leading to the unauthorized minting of 1 billion CGT tokens, highlighting significant security vulnerabilities within the DeFi sector.
  • In response, Curio is developing a recovery plan and emphasizes the importance of a multi-chain infrastructure for enhanced security, underscoring the need for continuous improvement in security measures and vigilant vulnerability management in blockchain projects.


In a significant security breach within the blockchain space, the Curio ecosystem, known for its innovative approach to unlocking liquidity from real-world assets, has fallen victim to a $16 million exploit. This incident has raised concerns over the security measures and vulnerability management in decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms.

Curio exploit Details: A permission access logic flaw

The exploit was identified by Cyvers, a web3 detection and prevention project, which reported that an attacker managed to mint an additional 1 billion CGT (Curio Governance Tokens) due to a permission access logic vulnerability. The unauthorized minting has dramatically inflated the supply of CGT tokens, with the attacker currently holding tokens valued at nearly $40 million. The revelation of the exploit followed an alert from the Curio Ecosystem account on X (formerly known as Twitter), which first notified the community of the smart-contract exploit on Saturday.

According to the Curio Ecosystem’s announcement, the breach involved a MakerDAO-based smart contract on the Ethereum side of its operations. The team has reassured its users and stakeholders that they are actively addressing the situation and have promised to keep the community updated. Importantly, they have confirmed that all contracts on the Polkadot side and Curio Chain remain secure, indicating that the exploit was isolated to a specific part of their ecosystem.

The importance of multi-chain infrastructure

The incident underscores the critical importance of a multi-chain infrastructure for enhancing the security and resilience of blockchain ecosystems. By diversifying operations across multiple chains, platforms can mitigate the impact of such exploits, confining them to a smaller segment of their operations and preventing a total system compromise. The Curio Ecosystem’s quick response and reassurance that other parts of their infrastructure remain unaffected highlight the benefits of the approach.

In response to the exploit, the Curio team has announced plans to publish a recovery plan shortly. The plan is eagerly awaited by the community and stakeholders, as it will likely outline the steps the project intends to take to address the immediate consequences of the exploit and prevent similar incidents in the future. The recovery strategy will be a critical component of restoring trust and security within the Curio ecosystem.

Moving forward: Security measures and community trust

The exploit serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing security challenges facing the DeFi and broader blockchain industry. As attackers continue to exploit vulnerabilities in smart contracts and other blockchain components, projects like Curio must constantly evolve their security measures to protect their ecosystems and the assets of their users.

The Curio team’s proactive communication and commitment to addressing the exploit head-on are positive steps toward mitigating the damage and rebuilding community trust. However, the incident highlights the need for ongoing vigilance, robust security protocols, and the development of rapid response mechanisms to address vulnerabilities and exploits swiftly.

As the Curio ecosystem works to recover from the significant security breach, the broader blockchain community will be watching closely to see how they and other projects adapt their strategies to prevent similar incidents. The resilience and response of blockchain projects to such challenges will play a crucial role in shaping the future security landscape of the DeFi sector.


The $16 million exploit within the Curio ecosystem underscores the persistent security challenges facing the DeFi and blockchain sectors. While the swift response and the multi-chain infrastructure of Curio have mitigated the full impact of the breach, the incident highlights the critical need for enhanced security measures and vigilant management of vulnerabilities in smart contracts. As the Curio team works towards a recovery plan, the event serves as a crucial reminder to the broader blockchain community of the importance of robust security protocols and the need for continuous improvement in safeguarding digital assets against sophisticated threats. Moving forward, the ability of blockchain projects to adapt and strengthen their defenses will be paramount in maintaining user trust and ensuring the long-term viability of DeFi platforms.

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