0G Labs raises $35m pre-seed funding from crypto leaders


  • 0G Labs, a pioneer in Web3 modular infrastructure, secured $35m in pre-seed funding from over 40 leading crypto institutions, including Hack VC and Stanford Builders Fund.
  • The funding supports 0G’s mission to tackle the data availability problem, crucial for scaling blockchain systems without sacrificing security.
  • 0G’s innovative approach separates storage and publishing tasks, significantly enhancing scalability and data access.

Stanford, California, marks the spot where Web3 modular infrastructure just took a significant turn. 0G Labs, also known as the pioneers of the first Modular AI Chain, just bagged a whopping $35 million in pre-seed funding. This colossal financial injection didn’t just fall out of the sky; it was meticulously gathered from a powerhouse lineup of more than 40 crypto-native institutions. The roster reads like a who’s who of the crypto world, featuring Hack VC, Stanford Builders Fund, and a host of others that are nothing short of Web3 royalty.

The Genius Behind 0G Labs

At the heart of 0G Labs is a burning ambition to scale infrastructure through modularity, a concept that’s as innovative as it is necessary for the crypto space. The team at 0G has been wrestling with one of the crypto world’s most persistent headaches: data availability (DA). For those in the know, DA is the beast that arises when off-chain verification of executed states is in demand, highlighting the age-old scalability versus security conundrum that blockchain systems can’t seem to shake off.

0G, short for ZeroGravity, didn’t just tackle this problem; they threw it out the window with their breakthrough in developing a data availability layer. This layer isn’t your run-of-the-mill solution. It’s a dual-threat with both a general-purpose storage layer and a data publishing lane. This ingenious separation of tasks allows 0G to not just walk but sprint towards scalability, ensuring that any piece of data is available for retrieval by anyone who wants it. In a world where data is king, 0G’s solution is nothing short of revolutionary, offering both high security and throughput, a feat that positions on-chain AI as not just a possibility but a reality.

A Look at the Trailblazers

The brains behind 0G Labs aren’t your everyday tech enthusiasts. They’re a supergroup of sorts, with past lives at titans of industry like Microsoft, Bain, and Bridgewater Associates, not to mention academic powerhouses like Harvard Business School and Stanford. Their resumes are as diverse as they are impressive, featuring Olympic gold medals in Informatics and top computer science paper awards. This isn’t just a team; it’s a think tank capable of solving problems that others haven’t even identified yet.

Their collective brainpower has birthed a solution that stands head and shoulders above the competition, operating at speeds that leave others in the dust. When you’re processing data at 50 gigabytes per second while keeping costs down by a factor of 100 compared to your competitors, you’re not just playing the game; you’re changing it. This kind of performance is not just noteworthy; it’s groundbreaking, making 0G Labs the go-to solution for anyone looking to venture into the high-stakes world of crypto-powered AI networks.

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