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If the crypto markets have taught investors anything over the last market cycle, it is that early buyers of game-changing projects reap astronomical returns in a shorter period. When investors are able to buy tokens at a discounted price before they get listed on major exchanges, they become early supporters of the project and believe in its long-term value. 

While buying tokens of up-and-coming projects at a discounted price is attractive to every investor, it is challenging to identify them in a vast marketplace and get access to those kinds of early-stage deals. This is where crypto launchpads or Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platforms come into the picture, breaking down all the barriers to entry into the investment world. 

Launchpads continue to showcase why they are among the most important innovations in the crypto landscape. Launchpads have made it easier for new projects to form capital efficiently without dealing with any intermediary. More importantly, they have allowed retail investors to get access to crowdfunding deals, which was previously only given to institutional investors and venture capitalists. 

However, the problem with launchpads is that they are not all built equal. They can vary wildly in terms of protecting investors and giving them maximum market exposure. Launchpads like UpLift DAO do both at a high level. It is one of the rising launchpad projects to have a keen focus on fundamentals while still enabling its community to explore different emerging market sectors. 

Here are some booming crypto sectors that are currently drawing mass interest and adoption and giving investors massive returns: 


One of the fascinating intersections of two completely different worlds in crypto is GameFi. The fastest-growing sector in the macro crypto environment, the GameFi sector has over 400 active games clocking billions of dollars in trading volume every month. Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming dapps are laying the foundation to change the dynamic of the global gaming ecosystem. 

With blockchain games, players can create both active and passive revenue streams. For example, take a look at Axie Infinity, currently the highest revenue grossing P2E game. In Axie Infinity, players get rewarded by winning battles in Arena Mode, and there is no limit to what one can earn. For passive income, players can rent their NFTs and start a scholarship program. 

As the blockchain gaming ecosystem continues to thrive, players keep making money, irrespective of broader market conditions. It is also one of the reasons why gaming is treated as the tipping point for mass adoption. 

UpLift DAO also recognizes the potential of gaming and metaverse sectors and aims to provide retail investors access to GameFi projects building on different EVM-compatible networks. With its Polygon integration, UpLift DAO exposes its community to one of the best and most used gaming ecosystems. Recently, the launchpad conducted an IDO for a play-to-earn iGaming platform, NFT4Play, and raised 200,000 BUSD. UpLift DAO is also launching another GameFi project this month with Wizardia


The significance of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) cannot be ignored, despite the massive difference with centralized exchanges (CEXs) in terms of trading volume. AMM-based exchanges have contributed a great deal in promoting the core ethos of crypto. When using a decentralized exchange, investors have full liberty to explore digital assets that are not listed on the major CEXs. In addition, they have full control over their assets and pay much less in gas fees than with CEXs. 

According to the Chainalysis 2021 crypto landscape report, the number of DEXs more than doubled over the last two years, while the number of CEXs has remained the same. This is because DEXs are now more capital efficient, with deeper liquidity, less slippage, and a greater return-to-fee ratio. 

UpLift DAO recently launched Jumbo Exchange, an AMM-based DEX built on the NEAR protocol, and raised 99,999 BUSD. This exchange is said to have one of the best DEX interfaces and yield finders. The UpLift community got early access, and tokens sold out in a matter of seconds. 

NFT Marketplaces 

In crypto, sectoral rotations are common. But it is a rare sight to see something dominate for an extended period and drive mainstream adoption. NFTs, over the last year, saw astronomic growth across the board, with key drivers to its mainstream success being NFT marketplaces. 

There are now over a dozen marketplaces supporting specific blockchain networks and featuring niche-focused digital collectibles. For example, the NBA Top Shot marketplace built using Flow blockchain showcases video clips and highlights of basketball players. 

Most market participants still use OpenSea to buy and sell NFTs on two significant blockchains, Ethereum and Polygon. According to DappRadar, OpenSea recorded $23.45 billion in trading volume in just one year. There is another marketplace winning the hearts of the NFT community with incentives and high staking returns, LooksRare. Launched in Jan 2022, LookRare has already registered $18 billion in trading volume. 

It is evident that NFT marketplaces are taking off and seizing a huge market opportunity. For that reason, investors should gain exposure to this growing sector. UpLift launched an emerging project in this very space called YouMinter. The IDO managed to raise $450,675

Launchpads like UpLift continue to support game-changing projects — Want to be a part of it?

As an investor, you want to buy when no one is paying attention. Launchpads help you with that and provide many benefits in identifying high-growth potential projects. UpLift DAO is a unique launchpad with a core focus on community. It allows all types of investors to get early access to crowdfunding deals and encourages the fair distribution of token supply. 

UpLift also has strong backers and industry insiders from NEAR Foundation and Zokyo Venture Studio, making it a reliable and trustworthy launchpad. Since its inception four months ago, the launchpad hsa amassed over 7,000 unique stakers and 2,000 token holders. 

Follow all their social media channels to get the latest news on IDOs and other exciting community activities. 

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