From Bitcoin Hater to NFT Innovator: Peter Schiff Shocks Crypto Community

Peter Schiff Surprises Crypto Community with Bitcoin NFT Announcement

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  • Peter Schiff, a prominent Bitcoin critic, shocks the crypto community with the announcement of his NFT collection on the Bitcoin network, showcasing a change of heart regarding blockchain art.
  • Despite his NFT venture, Schiff maintains his skepticism towards Bitcoin, emphasizing that the collection is primarily a tribute to gold rather than an endorsement of the cryptocurrency.

In a shocking turn of events, Peter Schiff, a well-known critic of Bitcoin and staunch advocate for gold, has made waves in the crypto community with his announcement to drop a unique NFT collection on the Bitcoin network. Schiff’s decision to venture into the world of blockchain art has left many crypto enthusiasts bewildered, prompting strong reactions and discussions across social media platforms.

Peter Schiff’s Unexpected Entrance into the NFT Space

Peter Schiff, a prominent economist and long-time critic of Bitcoin, surprised the crypto community with the unveiling of his collaborative non-fungible token (NFT) art collection on the Bitcoin network. Having spent the past decade vehemently opposing the value and potential of BTC, Schiff’s decision to embrace the world of NFTs, which are built on blockchain technology, has left many questioning his motives and intentions.

Cryptocurrency Twitter was abuzz with reactions to Schiff’s announcement, with some users even questioning whether his account had been hacked due to the seeming contradiction between his previous views and his latest endeavor. 

Anthony Pompliano, a well-known crypto entrepreneur, tweeted a tongue-in-cheek response, “Welcome, Peter. We have been awaiting your arrival.” Schiff retorted, “I haven’t arrived yet. But here’s your chance to buy something to commemorate what you hope will be the early days of Bitcoin, and its most steadfast critic. If I’m wrong, these signed, original prints may have a lot of value one day.”

Conflicting Views on Bitcoin Persist

Despite entering the blockchain and Bitcoin space with his NFT collection, Peter Schiff has made it clear that he has not entirely changed his stance on the leading cryptocurrency. In a tweet, Schiff emphasized that his NFT collection is primarily art and a tribute to gold, but he acknowledged that there might be something of interest for Bitcoin enthusiasts as well. He clarified, “But I’m still not a member of that club.”

When questioned by a Twitter user about the apparent contradiction of placing value on a gold inscription on Bitcoin while deeming Bitcoin itself as lacking value, Schiff stood by his previous statements, confirming, “Correct.” This response further highlights the complex relationship Schiff maintains with the cryptocurrency community, despite his foray into the NFT space.

The NFT Collection: A Fusion of Art and Blockchain Technology

Schiff’s collaboration with Market Price, an established NFT platform, features an original painting titled “Golden Triumph” as the centerpiece of his collection. Additionally, the collection includes a series of prints and Ordinals, all inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. The artwork serves as both an artistic expression and a tribute to the enduring value of gold, a position Schiff has championed throughout his career.

The NFT collection marks an interesting intersection between the traditional world of art and the innovative potential of blockchain technology. By leveraging the Bitcoin network, Schiff introduces a unique way to authenticate and verify the ownership of his artwork, catering to both art enthusiasts and those intrigued by the emerging NFT market.


Peter Schiff’s announcement of his NFT collection on the Bitcoin network has sent shockwaves through the crypto community. As a long-time critic of Bitcoin, Schiff’s unexpected entry into the world of blockchain art has sparked both confusion and curiosity. While Schiff remains steadfast in his skepticism toward Bitcoin’s intrinsic value, his foray into NFTs demonstrates an acknowledgment of the potential inherent in blockchain technology.

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