How To Trade Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Using The Three Rising Valleys Chart Pattern

Three Rising Valleys Chart Pattern

In the thrilling world of cryptocurrency trading, where the landscape changes faster than the weather in London, the Three Rising Valleys chart pattern stands out as a beacon for traders looking to navigate the turbulent markets. This pattern, a lesser-known cousin of the more famous Head and Shoulders or Double Bottom, can be a powerful tool in the arsenal of those trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Chart patterns are essential because they help decode the collective psychology of market participants. Each pattern tells a story of fear, greed, indecision, and resolve. In the world of Bitcoin, where market sentiment can shift rapidly, recognizing these patterns early can be the difference between a profitable trade and a loss. One of the most compelling reasons traders rely on chart patterns is the historical repetition observed in the markets. Bitcoin’s price action, while random, often follows historical patterns that savvy traders can recognize and exploit. The adage “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes” is apt for chart patterns.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can utilize the Three Rising Valleys chart pattern to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies profitably.

What Are Chart Patterns?

Chart patterns act as a graphical manifestation of the constant tug-of-war between market supply and demand. By examining these patterns, an investor or trader gains insight into the psychological interplay that’s being etched onto the charts over time through price movements.

The reliability of interpreting these chart patterns stems from the market’s tendency to echo past behaviors, with specific formations often indicating impending shifts in price or the reinforcement of existing trends.

Importance Of Chart Patterns

Chart patterns are like the secret codes of trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They are incredibly important because they help traders understand the mysterious ways these digital currencies move in the market. Think of chart patterns as footprints left behind by traders’ behavior, giving clues about where Bitcoin might dance to next.

So why are chart patterns so crucial for crypto trading? Well, the crypto market is a wild jungle where prices swing up and down super fast, much faster than in traditional markets like stocks or bonds. Because of this craziness, having a map to navigate the market is super helpful, and that’s where chart patterns come in.

Picture this: You’re trying to guess whether Bitcoin will go up so you can sell it at a higher price or if it will fall so you can buy more for less. Chart patterns are like your crystal ball. They won’t predict the future for sure, but they can give you a pretty good guess. These patterns show up over and over again because human nature doesn’t change much – people get greedy and scared in similar ways each time prices rise or fall.

For example, there’s a pattern called the “head and shoulders,” not the shampoo, but a chart formation that looks like a person’s head with two shoulders. When traders spot this on a chart, they often think, “Aha, the price might drop soon!” So, they may decide to sell some of their Bitcoin before the price falls. Or there’s the “bullish pennant,” which sort of flags that prices might shoot up. That’s when traders might get ready to ride the wave up to make some money.

Chart patterns also help traders set their “stop-loss” or “take-profit” points. This means they can decide in advance when to cut their losses or take their winnings off the table, which is like deciding how much you’re willing to bet and when to cash out when you’re on a lucky streak in Vegas.

Another cool thing about chart patterns is they level the playing field. You don’t need to be a big-time trader with secret information to use them. Even if you’re just starting, you can learn to spot these patterns and make educated decisions based on them.

But there’s a catch – while chart patterns are awesome tools, they’re not 100% foolproof. Crypto markets can be influenced by so many wild cards, like news about government regulations or a new tech upgrade. So, you have to use chart patterns with a pinch of salt and mix them with other smart moves, like keeping an eye on the news and understanding the bigger picture.

Introducing: The Three Rising Valleys (3RV) Pattern

The 3RV pattern is a positive sign for an asset, indicating a strong upward trend. This pattern is recognized by the appearance of three successive troughs on a pricing graph, each dip being less deep than the one before, suggesting an upward progression. The distinct features of the 3RV formation include:

Formation of Valleys

This structure is characterized by a trio of valleys, with each experiencing a downturn in price, which is temporary, followed by a recovery.

Progressive Higher Lows

The pattern’s significance is its back-to-back valleys with increasingly higher lows, which points to a rise in demand and ongoing accumulation.

Indications of Buying Interest

The pattern’s progressively higher low points hint at buyers’ willingness to purchase at elevating price levels, indicating a surge in market confidence and a strong buying sentiment.

Market Sentiment Indicator

The 3RV pattern is indicative of market conditions where price dips occur only to be rapidly offset by recoveries, reflecting a robust buyer market and the perception that the asset’s worth is on an upswing.

Precursor to a Bullish Surge

The 3RV formation is often viewed by traders as an indication of an impending bullish leap, where the price is expected to climb above established resistance thresholds.

Analysis Of Bitcoin Using “Three Rising Valleys” Pattern 

The diagram of the 3RV pattern provided delineates a scenario where the price peaks and then recedes to the starting point of the third or second higher low after a breakout, which is typically known as a pullback or throwback.

This type of price movement back to previous levels is enlightening as it sheds light on the pattern’s reliability and the underlying market dynamics. Currently, Bitcoin has completed a 3RV formation and is experiencing a pullback, finding support in the $26K to $24K range.

A pullback occurring at the height of the 3RV pattern may indicate the following:

Indicator of Healthy Market Corrections

A bounce from the higher-end boundaries of the earliest or second rise following the valleys indicates that what was once a resistance level may now serve as a support level, corroborating the durability of the pattern as a key confirmation/support line.

Sign of Sustained Bullish Impetus

A rebound after the pullback that leads to a continued upward trend implies that the bullish drive signified by the 3RV pattern is still in force. A rebound from the support zone of $26K to $24K could be construed by traders as an opportunity to initiate or increase their positions.

Psychological Impacts of the 3RV Chart Pattern

The Three Rising Valleys (3RV) pattern manifests growing investor optimism with each successive valley as described:

Enhanced Investor Sentiment

The pattern of higher lows after each valley demonstrates increasing investor conviction. The willingness to purchase at incrementally higher prices reflects a belief in the asset’s prospects.

Strategic Accumulation

The 3RV pattern indicates that investors are deliberately accumulating assets, buying in after each dip with a long-term perspective rather than pursuing quick profits, displaying patience and strategic planning.

These psychological dynamics play a critical role in the formation of the pattern, influencing market behavior as follows:

Shift Towards Optimism

The evolution of the 3RV pattern portrays a transition in market mood towards greater positivity, with a stronger inclination to hold rather than sell at the first sign of a downturn, leading to steadier price trajectories.

Market Commitment

With confidence growing, trade volume may increase, suggesting a broader and more enduring market interest in the asset, which can foster more reliable price trends. Observations from LookIntoBitcoin’s on-chain analysis suggest that Bitcoin has recently moved into the Optimism/Anxiety stage of market sentiment.

Trading Strategies For The Rising Valley Chart Patterns

Upon recognizing a 3RV pattern, traders might adopt the following tactics:

Initiating Trades

One favored strategy is to initiate a buy order when the price escalates past the pattern’s high edge, signaling a bullish confirmation. This point could mark the onset of an ascending trend. Nonetheless, as prices ascend, the likelihood of success may wane due to potential retracements.

Setting a Stop-Loss

A prudent move is to place stop-loss orders slightly below the lowest trough of the 3RV pattern or beneath the latest low point to safeguard against the chance of a deceptive breakout, thereby containing the risk if the trend doesn’t proceed as anticipated.

Profit-Taking Strategies

Profit targets might be set by calculating the height from the pattern’s lowest dip to its top margin and projecting this distance upward from the point of breakout.

Validation via Other Indicators

Employ other technical tools, such as moving averages or momentum indicators, to confirm the pattern’s integrity and robustness before committing to a position.

Consideration of Risk

It is important to calibrate the size of your position according to your risk appetite and the broader investment plan, ensuring not to overcommit to a single transaction.

Comparing the 2022 Three Rising Valley Chart Pattern with the 2023 Bitcoin Pattern

June to August 2022 Performance Analysis

In the period from June to August 2022, a closer examination of the Bitcoin market reveals a modestly formed Three Rising Valleys (3RV) pattern within the four-hour (4H) trading charts. This pattern was characterized by a sequence of three ascending higher lows, which fostered a bullish outlook, driving Bitcoin’s value from $18K to a peak of $24K amidst the bearish climate of 2022.

Mid-August Shift to Bearish Trends

Despite the initial strength of this pattern, mid-August witnessed a shift in market dynamics as Bitcoin’s pricing took a downturn. The strength observed in the 3RV structure was tested by a barrage of negative news that dominated the summer of 2022.

Correlation with Macro Market Events

The post-3RV pattern breakout downturn correlates with significant adverse developments across the cryptocurrency market. Notably, these included the unraveling of Celsius in July, the notable collapse of Terraluna in May, and the subsequent FTX insolvency. Concurrently, aggressive monetary policy adjustments by the Federal Reserve, which hiked interest rates to an unprecedented 5.5% from a near-zero starting point in March, exacerbated market conditions.

Challenges to the Bullish 3RV Momentum

In the face of these headwinds, Bitcoin struggled to sustain the bullish drive indicated by the 3RV chart pattern. This struggle was evident as Bitcoin’s pricing subsequently descended to new lows, underlining the difficulties of maintaining bullish momentum against a backdrop of bearish market fundamentals.


Reflecting on the deeper meanings behind the 3RV pattern, it’s clear that this configuration is more than a mere graphical occurrence—it encapsulates the mindset and behavior of market participants. The rising troughs of the pattern symbolize a growth in investor confidence and a strategic approach to buying assets over time, impacting how future price movements are shaped.

This pattern represents a complex interplay between market sentiment and the fundamental principles of supply and demand. It’s a nuanced interplay that underscores how investor emotions and expectations can influence market trends.

Howard Marks outlines “the three stages of a bull market” which mirror the sentiment progression captured by the 3RV pattern: the initial phase where only the most discerning investors have foresight of better times ahead, the intermediate phase where the majority of the market acknowledges the ongoing improvements, and the final phase where the consensus is that the growth will continue indefinitely. This progression of sentiment is pivotal in driving the 3RV pattern, demonstrating how closely market patterns are linked to investor psychology.

What is the Three Rising Valleys chart pattern?

The Three Rising Valleys chart pattern is a bullish chart formation that consists of three successive valleys, each followed by a rise, with each low being higher than the previous one. It suggests an upward trend in price.

How can the Three Rising Valleys pattern be used to trade Bitcoin?

Traders can use the Three Rising Valleys pattern to identify potential buy opportunities, entering trades after the price breaks above the resistance level defined by the highest point of the pattern. A stop-loss is often placed below the lowest valley to minimize potential losses.

What does a pullback after the Three Rising Valleys pattern indicate?

A pullback after the pattern completion can indicate a healthy market correction. Traders look for a pullback to the initial breakout level as a confirmation of the pattern's reliability and may consider it a second chance to enter the trade.

Why is the Three Rising Valleys pattern significant in trading cryptocurrencies?

This pattern is significant because it indicates increasing buyer confidence and market sentiment that favors an ongoing uptrend. It's particularly useful in the volatile crypto market to signal sustained bullish momentum.

How reliable is the Three Rising Valleys pattern in cryptocurrency trading?

While the Three Rising Valleys pattern is considered a strong bullish indicator, no pattern is infallible. Its reliability increases when combined with other technical analysis tools and consideration of market news and events. Traders should use it with other indicators to confirm trends and with risk management strategies like stop-loss orders.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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