78% of Young Tech Workers are Optimistic About AI’s Impact on Tech Roles

78% of Young Tech Workers are Optimistic About AI’s Impact on Tech Roles78% of Young Tech Workers are Optimistic About AI’s Impact on Tech Roles

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  • Most young tech workers in Europe are confident about the impact of AI technology in their roles.
  • Many believe that AI technology has the potential to improve their productivity, efficiency, and creativity.
  • The UK has the highest number of young tech workers who believe in AI potential, followed by Ireland and Spain.

The majority of tech workers in Europe aged between 20 and 30 years appear more confident about the advances of artificial intelligence in several tech roles, according to a new survey report by Silicon Canals.

Silicon Canals said it polled 2,000 young tech workers in Ireland and Europe, including the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Young Tech Workers Believe AI Can Boost Their Creativity and Productivity

Up to 78% of the respondents were optimistic about the impact of AI on their roles. About 70% of the workers believed AI has the potential to boost their productivity, efficiency, and creativity, according to the report.

The United Kingdom had the highest percentage (85%) of young tech workers who are confident about AI in the tech sector, followed by Ireland and Spain at 75%. 

On the other hand, only a minority (11%) said they never plan to use AI tools, indicating most young professionals are open to adapting to new technologies. 

“[…]Today’s young professionals are proving just how resilient and adaptable they can be,” said Davor Hebel, managing partner at Eight Roads Ventures. “Not surprisingly, they are the fastest generation to embrace AI, seeing it as a strong productivity lever and not a threat.”

The survey also uncovered that many young tech workers in Europe are becoming contented and satisfied with their current jobs. Compared to 2022, the percentage of unsatisfied workers has fallen from 35 to 15%, Silicon Canals reported, citing a number of factors, such as increased job security and promotions. 

About 48% of the respondents are “very satisfied” with their jobs, and up to 63% don’t have any plans to resign soon.

“It’s heartening to see confidence recover amongst the tech’s youngest workers. Despite the ongoing economic uncertainty, today’s young professionals are proving just how resilient and adaptable they can be,” Hebel commented

Young People are More Open to Using AI

The survey report coincides with previous reports that reveal a higher tendency among young people to adopt AI technology tools, especially in Europe. Outside of tech, Cryptopolitan previously reported that many students in the UK are open to embracing AI tools like ChatGPT. 

About 67% of UK secondary school students admitted to using AI chatbots, like ChatGPT, to write essays or complete assignments. Some students believe that AI enables them to save time and improve their productivity, leading to enhanced academic performance. 

Among the teachers, however, there has been a mixed reaction to students’ use of AI tools. While some believe AI can improve students’ progress and technological literacy, others fear that excessive reliance on AI technology could undermine genuine learning experiences. 

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