The Video Game Model Inspires an Innovative Approach to Generative AI in Healthcare

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  • Founder Sam Glassenberg champions video game dynamics for medical training, addressing tech-resistant image among doctors.
  • Level Ex’s accidental success with a medical training game highlights the demand for engaging, effective healthcare training tools.
  • Glassenberg advocates cautious integration of generative AI in healthcare, balancing innovation with concerns about potential biases and mistakes.

Sam Glassenberg, founder of Level Ex, asserts that the video games industry can serve as a blueprint for implementing generative AI in healthcare, challenging the misconception that healthcare professionals resist technology.

In an interview with SiliconRepublic.com, Glassenberg contends that the perceived reluctance of doctors and healthcare practitioners towards technology is often misunderstood. He argues that the resistance is not against technology itself but rather against subpar or outdated systems lacking proper training. Glassenberg emphasizes that healthcare professionals, being technology-forward, seek advanced tools but are hindered by interfaces reminiscent of outdated software.

Applying video game dynamics to medical training

Level Ex, a company founded by Glassenberg, specializes in developing video games designed to train medical professionals. The venture emerged unintentionally when Glassenberg’s father, an anesthesiologist, urged him to leverage gaming technology to create a mobile game aiding colleagues in learning the intricacies of fiberoptic intubation—a challenging procedure in establishing airway access.

Responding to his father’s request, Glassenberg swiftly crafted a game over three weekends. Two years later, to his surprise, he discovered that over 100,000 medical professionals globally had downloaded the game. Subsequent efficacy studies at medical schools indicated a substantial improvement in physician performance, underscoring the demand for innovative training tools in healthcare.

Technology forward: A misunderstood perspective

Glassenberg challenges the perception that healthcare professionals resist technology, emphasizing their inclination towards cutting-edge solutions. He attributes the perceived reluctance to the mismatch between the advanced technology they encounter in daily life, such as mobile apps and video games, and the outdated interfaces prevalent in healthcare systems.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of technology in healthcare, Glassenberg advocates for the adoption of systems aligned with contemporary standards. By drawing parallels with the video game industry, he proposes a model that prioritizes user-friendly interfaces and engaging training methods, aligning with the preferences and expertise of modern medical professionals.

Balancing innovation and caution

While technology plays an increasingly significant role in healthcare, concerns persist regarding the integration of emerging tech, including generative AI. Glassenberg acknowledges these reservations and emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to prevent potential mistakes and biases associated with rapid technological advancements.

The healthcare industry has already witnessed the application of AI in diagnostics and the utilization of 3D printing for medical advancements. However, Glassenberg advocates for a cautious introduction of new technologies to avoid overwhelming the system and compromising patient care.

Merging expertise for future healthcare

In the quest for enhanced healthcare training and performance, Sam Glassenberg’s Level Ex stands as a testament to the transformative potential of leveraging technology effectively. By adopting a model inspired by the video game industry, Glassenberg envisions a future where generative AI seamlessly integrates into healthcare, empowering medical professionals with cutting-edge tools while addressing their specific needs and preferences.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, embracing technological advancements remains imperative. Through innovative approaches like Level Ex’s video game-inspired training, a bridge between traditional medical practices and contemporary technological solutions emerges, paving the way for a future where healthcare professionals can harness the full potential of generative AI without compromising on efficiency or patient care.

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