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  • University of Winchester’s conference focuses on the blend of digital and human skills for business triumph.
  • BT’s Dr. Nicola Millard will discuss shaping the hybrid workplace, drawing on her expertise in psychology and technology.
  • Interactive workshops on AI, social connections, and diversity, with a student-panel Q&A, promote collaboration between academia and industry.

The University of Winchester is set to host a groundbreaking conference titled “The Future World of Work – Recruiting and Retaining the People You Need” on January 9 at the West Downs Centre. The event, focusing on the intersection of digital transformation and human skills in the 21st century, aims to provide valuable insights for businesses navigating the challenges of the evolving workplace.

Dr. Nicola Millard, the Principal Innovation Partner at BT and a renowned futurologist, is set to deliver a keynote presentation on shaping the future hybrid workplace. With an interdisciplinary approach, Nicola blends insights from psychology, anthropology, computing, and business to develop effective strategies for the evolving work landscape. Her extensive experience at BT includes spearheading pioneering initiatives, such as integrating artificial intelligence into call centers, experimenting with remote work, and contributing to the development of BT’s “net easy” customer score.

Insightful workshops and student-panel Q&A to illuminate key Industry trends

The conference will feature a range of insightful workshops, delving into crucial topics such as the advancement of AI in the workplace, the intricacies of maintaining social connections in a digitized environment, mitigating bias in recruitment, and fostering diversity. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking Q&A session with a panel of students from the University and other local Further Education providers, providing valuable perspectives on the evolving expectations of future employees.

Expressing the University’s commitment to preparing and training the employees of the future, Professor Sarah Greer, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Winchester, highlighted the significance of bridging the gap between academic preparation and industry requirements. She emphasized the importance of closely collaborating with potential employers to equip students with the necessary skills and insights for the rapidly changing employment landscape.

The conference offered free of charge, presents a significant opportunity for businesses to gain valuable insights and guidance amidst the rapidly changing dynamics of the modern workplace. With additional speakers set to be announced in the coming weeks, the event promises to offer a comprehensive and diverse range of perspectives on the future of work and talent management.

For those seeking to stay ahead in an era characterized by technological advancements and evolving human expectations, the conference at the University of Winchester stands as an essential forum for fostering greater understanding and adaptation in the contemporary business landscape.

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