Stars Arena: Overcoming a $3M exploit and earning Emin Gun Sirer’s praise


  • Stars Arena suffers a $3 million exploit, sparking concern in the crypto community, but Avalanche founder Emin Gun Sirer sees its potential for success.
  • Sirer believes that substantial revenue and community support make it resilient enough to recover from the exploit, surpassing even Elon Musk’s project X.

In a surprising turn of events, Stars Arena, a social protocol built on the Avalanche blockchain, recently faced a significant exploit worth $3 million. However, what sets this incident apart is the response from Avalanche founder Emin Gun Sirer, who believes that Stars Arena has achieved a level of success even surpassing Elon Musk’s widely recognized project, X. This article delves into the details of the Stars Arena exploit and explores Emin Gun Sirer’s perspective on its resilience and potential for recovery.

Stars Arena exploit shakes the crypto community

On a fateful Saturday, news of a $3 million exploit in the Stars Arena protocol sent shockwaves throughout the cryptocurrency community. The exploit followed the unfortunate pattern of many decentralized finance (DeFi) projects falling victim to reentrancy scams. While such incidents are not uncommon in the crypto space, it was the response from Stars Arena’s founder that garnered significant attention.

Emin Gun Sirer’s remarkable perspective

In response to the exploit, Avalanche founder Emin Gun Sirer took to social media to share his thoughts on the situation. He began by acknowledging the substantial sum of $3 million, emphasizing that this amount represents a significant loss for ordinary individuals. However, what truly stood out in Sirer’s response was his perspective on Stars Arena’s overall success, which transcends the current challenge.

Sirer highlighted that, despite the exploit, Stars Arena had managed to generate over $120,000 in a single day. Its revenue chart resembled a rocket launch, indicating an impressive growth trajectory. In a bold assertion, Sirer stated that the user engagement and excitement surrounding Stars Arena had reached levels that even Elon Musk’s highly acclaimed project, X, had not achieved.

He further added, ” $3 million is absolutely not a large amount for this particular team with these ground facts,” implying that the project had the capability to recover from the exploit due to its substantial revenue stream and promising growth.

Implication of Sirer’s statement

Emin Gun Sirer’s statement carries significant implications for the future of Stars Arena. He believes that the project has the potential to raise the necessary funds for recovery, citing successful precedents like Axie Infinity and Wormhole, which secured hundreds of millions in funding to overcome similar obstacles. In fact, Sirer noted that Stars Arena had already swiftly secured funding, a promising sign for its recovery efforts.

Moreover, the crypto community has rallied behind the social protocol, with a determined effort to identify and locate the hacker responsible for the exploit. Surprisingly, the hacker’s identity seemed to be doxed on the blockchain, underscoring the community’s commitment to bringing them to justice. Despite the setback, Sirer remains optimistic about the eventual revival of the Stars Arena protocol.


The Stars Arena exploit may have shaken the crypto community, but Emin Gun Sirer’s unwavering belief in the project’s potential for recovery and success has provided a ray of hope. While $3 million is no small sum, Stars Arena’s impressive revenue and growth trajectory, combined with the support of the crypto community, suggest that it has the resilience to bounce back from this setback. As the project continues to evolve and secure funding, its journey in the decentralized finance landscape remains one to watch closely.

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