SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s Tech Neutrality Claims Trigger Crypto Twitter Backlash Amid AI Promotion


  • SEC Chair’s assertion of “tech neutrality” amid AI promotion draws backlash from crypto community.
  • Gensler highlights AI’s impact on finance, science, and commerce, while acknowledging its implications for securities laws.
  • Gensler’s pivot to AI sparks speculation; warns of AI-induced financial instability and market volatility.

In a surprising move, Gary Gensler, the chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has ignited a storm of controversy within the crypto community with his claims of “tech neutrality” while promoting the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Gensler’s assertions were met with skepticism and roasting on Crypto Twitter, as many users pointed out the apparent contradictions in his statements.

Gensler’s enthusiasm for AI and Its implications for securities laws

On August 15, Gary Gensler took to social media to extol the virtues of artificial intelligence, drawing parallels between AI and the revolutionary impact of the internet. Gensler highlighted various applications of AI in the finance sector, including account openings, compliance programs, trading algorithms, and sentiment analysis. He expressed his belief in AI’s continued role in reshaping fields such as science, technology, and commerce.

However, the crux of the controversy emerged when Gensler claimed that the SEC maintains a “technology neutral” stance. This assertion drew swift backlash from the crypto community, who found it difficult to reconcile Gensler’s emphasis on neutrality with the SEC’s track record of classifying cryptocurrencies as securities and investment contracts.

Gensler acknowledged the potential implications of AI on securities laws and the role of the SEC. He stated that while the focus remains on outcomes rather than the technology itself, securities laws could be invoked depending on how AI technology is leveraged. Gensler assured that the SEC would continue its enforcement efforts even in the context of AI, reiterating that “fraud is fraud” under securities laws.

Crypto Twitter’s roasting and questions

Crypto Twitter wasted no time in responding to Gensler’s claims. Sardonic remarks flooded the platform, with one user quipping, “AI is a security,” highlighting the perceived irony of Gensler’s tech neutrality claims. Another respondent raised suspicions about Gensler’s motives, questioning his ownership of AI-related stocks and his apparent promotion of the technology.

The community also voiced concerns about the potential regulatory role of the SEC in the AI space. Skepticism emerged over whether the SEC, known for its oversight of securities and investments, is best suited to regulate the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence. Some users questioned whether Gensler’s endorsement of the SEC’s authority in the AI realm was a thinly veiled attempt to extend the commission’s reach.

Gensler’s shift from crypto to AI

Gary Gensler’s pivot from his involvement in the crypto space to his newfound interest in AI has been met with intrigue and speculation. Earlier in the month, Gensler warned about the risks posed by AI, suggesting that opaque decision-making through deep learning algorithms could potentially lead to financial instability. He posited that companies vying for superior client returns using algorithms might inadvertently generate market volatility and instability.

This shift in focus coincides with the establishment of the “Task Force Lima” by the U.S. Department of Defense, dedicated to exploring the potential of generative AI for enhancing national security. Additionally, a report by Fortune shed light on the historical underpinnings of contemporary AI, revealing that cutting-edge AI is rooted in neuroscience research from the 1950s and 1960s.

Gary Gensler’s promotion of artificial intelligence and his claims of tech neutrality have triggered a sharp response from the crypto community on social media. As Gensler pivots his attention from the crypto space to the world of AI, questions regarding the SEC’s suitability for regulating this emerging technology have come to the forefront. With his controversial statements fueling heated discussions on Twitter, the intersection of AI, finance, and regulation remains a topic of significant debate within both the crypto and AI communities.

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