Revolutionizing Neuroscience: Unveiling a Comprehensive Human Brain Atlas Draft

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  • A new map of the human brain reveals unprecedented detail with over 3,000 cell types, enhancing our understanding of neuroscience.
  • Big tech struggles with translating AI’s potential into profits due to the high computational costs as AI product usage grows.
  • Researchers raise concerns that fine-tuning large language models might inadvertently reduce their safety, leading to harmful outputs.

Researchers have created a highly detailed map of the human brain, marking a significant milestone in neuroscience. This new brain atlas provides an unprecedented level of resolution for both humans and non-human primates, encompassing over 3,000 cell types in adult and developing individuals. While previous brain atlases exist, this one offers a more comprehensive description of the human brain at a granular level, covering many brain regions. However, it’s important to note that this map is still in its initial draft stage.

First-ever gene therapy trial for deafness

A groundbreaking gene therapy trial to address auditory neuropathy, a condition resulting from nerve impulse disruption between the inner ear and the brain, has commenced. Up to 18 children from the UK, Spain, and the US are participating in this study, which holds the promise of restoring hearing. Experts believe this marks the beginning of a new era in treating hearing-related conditions.

Big tech’s challenge in turning AI hype into profits

Despite the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), big tech companies are struggling to translate it into profits. AI often requires intensive computations for each query, making it costly as more customers use AI products. This cost structure poses challenges for companies charging flat fees for AI services and raises concerns about profitability.

Advancements in 2D transistors and 3D chips

To continue advancing semiconductor technology, chip companies are moving into the third dimension. They are stacking chips on top of each other and working on building transistors within these 3D structures. This innovation is driven by the need to increase transistor density without further scaling down chip features in two dimensions.

Experimental bionic hand success

An experimental bionic hand, controlled by a patient’s nervous system and providing sensory feedback, has achieved remarkable success. This advanced prosthetic hand can perform around 80% of daily tasks and has significantly reduced phantom limb pain and the need for medication.

Chatbots interacting with each other

Companies are creating chatbots with characteristics drawn from ethnographic research on real people. These chatbots are fed into large language models like OpenAI’s GPT and Anthropic’s Claude, enabling them to engage in conversations about various topics, including businesses’ offerings. This approach involves both synthetic and real human focus groups.[

Disney’s emotion-packed little robot

Disney has developed an expressive and emotionally engaging robot with a child-like appearance. This robot stands out with its emotive head, wiggly antennae, and unique walking style that makes it seem remarkably lifelike.

Using lasers to build roads on the moon

Scientists are exploring the use of lasers to transform lunar soil into a solid substance for constructing roads and landing pads on the Moon. Successful experiments have melted lunar dust into solid pieces, suggesting the feasibility of creating infrastructure on the Moon’s surface.

Concerns about fine-tuning large language models

A recent study by Princeton University, Virginia Tech, and IBM Research has raised concerns about fine-tuning large language models (LLMs). While businesses are increasingly using fine-tuning for custom applications, it was found that this process can inadvertently weaken safety measures designed to prevent LLMs from generating harmful content, potentially undermining the goals of fine-tuning.

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