Protesters Rally Against OpenAI’s Military Ties and AGI Development


  • Protesters rallied outside OpenAI’s office, opposing its development of military AI and artificial general intelligence (AGI).
  • The protest was triggered by OpenAI’s recent policy amendment, which removed restrictions on military use, and the subsequent announcement of the Pentagon as a client.
  • The event underscores growing ethical concerns within the community about the direction of AI development and its implications for society.

In a significant demonstration of concern, dozens of protesters gathered outside the OpenAI office in San Francisco on Monday evening, voicing their opposition to the company’s recent policy changes and its involvement with military clients. The protest, organized by Pause AI and No AGI, aimed to persuade OpenAI engineers to reconsider their work on advanced AI systems, including the much-debated artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Policy changes and military involvement stir controversy

The catalyst for the protest was OpenAI’s decision last month to remove language from its usage policy that previously banned the use of its AI technology for military purposes. Shortly after this policy change, reports of OpenAI accepting the Pentagon as a client sparked widespread debate and concern among AI ethics advocates.

The protestors’ message was clear: OpenAI should cease the development of AI technologies that could lead to AGI, a future in which machines could surpass human intelligence. Additionally, they called for an immediate end to any military collaborations. This stance was amplified by the upcoming AI Impact Tour in New York, a partnership event with Microsoft, aiming to discuss the balance of AI’s risks and rewards.

Diverse goals unite protesters

Despite sharing a common platform, the organizing groups have slightly different visions of success. Sam Kirchener of No AGI emphasizes the dangers of pursuing AGI, advocating instead for approaches like whole brain emulation that prioritize human intelligence. In contrast, Holly Elmore of Pause AI calls for a global pause on AGI development until safety can be assured, highlighting the need for OpenAI to sever its military ties as a crucial ethical boundary.

This demonstration marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing discourse about the ethical implications of AI development. The removal of restrictions against military use by OpenAI and its engagement with the Pentagon have raised significant concerns about the militarization of AI technologies and the broader societal impacts.

The debate over AI’s future and ethical boundaries

The protesters express a deep-seated fear regarding the potential of AGI to fundamentally alter societal structures, power dynamics, and the meaning derived from human labor. The notion of a post-AGI world where machines fulfill all human tasks presents a psychological threat to societal cohesion and individual purpose, according to Kirchener.

Elmore’s comments to VentureBeat underscore the skepticism towards self-regulation within AI companies, pointing to OpenAI’s policy reversals as evidence of the need for external regulation. The fluctuation in OpenAI’s stance on critical issues, such as executive accountability and usage policies, has eroded trust and called into question the efficacy of internal policies if they do not concretely limit the company’s actions.

The protest underscores a growing distrust in the trajectory of AI development, particularly concerning AGI and military applications. Both Pause AI and No AGI signal their intention to continue advocacy and protest actions, aiming to engage a broader audience in these crucial debates.

As Silicon Valley propels forward in AI innovation, the voices of protesters highlight the urgent need for a balanced approach to AI development, one that considers ethical implications, societal impacts, and the potential risks of unchecked technological advancement.

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