Propel AI launches Israeltruth.org to combat media bias against Israel


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  • IsraelTruth.org: A powerful tool to combat media bias against Israel.
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics for fairer media coverage.
  • Context matters: IsraelTruth.org promotes accurate reporting.

In a bid to address concerns over media bias against Israel, Propel AI, a media intelligence company, has unveiled IsraelTruth.org, a powerful tool developed to identify and expose biased articles within mainstream media. This initiative comes as a response to the ongoing challenges faced by Israel in obtaining fair press coverage. The platform, powered by The AI Media War Room, offers real-time bias monitoring, in-depth analytics, and personalized AI posts and emails, providing a comprehensive solution to combat biased media coverage.

Real-time bias monitoring and in-depth analytics

IsraelTruth.org, powered by The AI Media War Room, employs generative AI technology to monitor media articles in real-time. As articles are published across global media outlets, the system swiftly classifies them, offering users an immediate snapshot of the volume of biased versus non-biased press. This functionality empowers users to track media coverage trends over specific time frames, enabling the identification of surges in biased content, particularly following major incidents.

The platform’s user-friendly dashboard allows stakeholders to customize and schedule reports in various formats, ensuring timely updates on media coverage related to Israel. By providing real-time insights, IsraelTruth.org equips public relations professionals with the tools needed to identify threats and safeguard their organizations’ reputations.

Addressing biased reporting: A critical need

Propel AI’s CEO, Zach Cutler, expressed the urgency of addressing media bias against Israel, stating, “Israel gets treated very unfairly in the global media. Fixing that is critical, which is why we’ve been working around the clock since the October 7 terror attack to leverage our technology and know-how toward this effort.”

In the face of misinformation, such as the inaccurate reporting following the accidental bombing of the al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, IsraelTruth.org aims to provide a reliable source of information. During this incident, Hamas falsely attributed the damage to an Israeli airstrike, leading prominent media outlets, including BBC News and The New York Times, to disseminate the unverified claims. IsraelTruth.org is designed to prevent such occurrences by offering fact-based analysis and combating the spread of false information.

The Role of social media and context

Media outlets’ handling of social media footage during incidents like the one in Russia’s Dagestan region underscores the need for accurate reporting. When footage showed predominantly Muslim pro-Palestinians storming an airport and making disturbing inquiries, some media outlets merely referred to it as an ‘Anti-Israel protest,’ omitting crucial context relevant to the story. IsraelTruth.org aims to counteract such omissions by providing a platform that emphasizes the importance of context in reporting.

Gigi Levy-Weiss, a board member of Propel and a general partner at NFX, emphasized the broader value of IsraelTruth.org, stating, “Israel has always had challenges in getting fair press coverage. The Propel AI Media War Room and IsraelTruth.org fill a critical need in combating bias against Israel, and likewise bring value to any organization looking to manage its reputation smartly.”

Access for various stakeholders

To ensure broad access to this tool during times of conflict, IsraelTruth.org offers its media monitoring suite free of charge to governmental and NGO customers. This initiative seeks to facilitate informed decision-making and accurate communication during periods of heightened tension.

For brands seeking to manage their reputation and respond promptly to unfair or negative media coverage, a commercial option is available. This feature enables organizations to take control of their public image and address media bias effectively.

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