Payment Integrity in Healthcare Faces Transformation with AI and Value-Based Care


  • Payment integrity in US healthcare is a $9 billion industry growing at 7% CAGR.
  • AI and gen AI have the potential to revolutionize claims adjudication.
  • Rising US healthcare spending and complexity create opportunities for PI companies.

The Payment Integrity (PI) industry in the United States, valued at approximately $9 billion, is experiencing significant growth, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7 percent in recent years. This sector plays a vital role in ensuring accurate claims adjudication and proper reimbursement for healthcare providers. As the industry expands, it encounters new challenges and opportunities driven by technological advancements, including the emergence of generative AI (gen AI), and the shift towards value-based care (VBC) payment models.

The payment integrity value chain

The PI value chain comprises prepayment and postpayment capabilities that operate within the healthcare financial-transactions ecosystem. Prepayment capabilities focus on identifying and rectifying billing or adjudication errors before payment is disbursed to healthcare providers. In contrast, postpayment capabilities address historical payment errors after the initial disbursement. These functions involve a blend of software, analytics solutions, and expert teams, which collectively aim to ensure accurate claims adjudication, payment, and compliance with contractual agreements.

Complexities of US healthcare payments

The intricacies of the US healthcare payments workflow naturally lead to a certain rate of error, despite stakeholders’ efforts to submit and pay claims accurately. Payers and healthcare providers strive to identify cases of overpayment and underpayment, creating checks and balances to maintain payment accuracy in the complex US healthcare system.

Trends shaping the future of payment integrity

Several key trends are poised to reshape the PI industry in the coming years:

Growth in US healthcare spending

US healthcare spending is expected to outpace GDP growth by approximately 2.5 percent from 2022 to 2027. This growth expands the market for PI companies and attracts further investment.

Complexity in billing and claims processing

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to alternate care settings like home and virtual care, necessitating the creation of new billing and reimbursement guidelines. This shift introduced new sources of potential claims errors.

Market dynamics and innovation:

Consolidation in the PI services ecosystem has led to the formation of organizations with the scale and specialization to leverage new tools such as gen AI. Additionally, a new wave of PI startups is introducing innovative AI-powered solutions.

AI and innovation in payment integrity

Analytical AI, machine learning (ML), and gen AI have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry, with profound implications for payment integrity. These technologies can significantly enhance claims adjudication accuracy and efficiency, given the vast amount of data involved in the process. Gen AI, in particular, can review and synthesize complex structured and unstructured data, including encounter data, medical records, and reimbursement policies, supporting human reviewers and improving the overall accuracy and efficiency of claim reviews.

Implications for stakeholders

The integration of AI and innovation in payment integrity brings both opportunities and challenges for various stakeholders:


Payers can benefit from AI-powered solutions that enhance the accuracy of claims adjudication, leading to cost savings and improved compliance with contractual agreements.

Care delivery organizations:

 Healthcare providers may experience smoother reimbursement processes and reduced errors, ensuring they receive proper compensation for their services.

PI companies:

PI companies can leverage AI to offer more efficient and accurate services, potentially gaining a competitive edge in the evolving market.


Investors have the opportunity to support innovative PI startups that are driving advancements in the industry.

The payment integrity industry in the US is at the cusp of transformation, driven by technological innovation and the adoption of value-based care models. Analytical and gen AI have the potential to enhance claims adjudication accuracy and efficiency across the payment integrity value chain. While challenges and complexities persist in the US healthcare payment ecosystem, stakeholders can harness the power of AI to navigate this evolving landscape successfully.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, payment integrity remains a critical component in ensuring that claims are adjudicated accurately, benefiting both payers and care delivery organizations. The synergy between AI and payment integrity holds the promise of a more efficient and accurate healthcare payments system in the age of value-based care.

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