NEC Harnesses AI to Slash Labor Costs by 70% in Software Engineering Tasks


  • NEC slashes labor costs by 70% by using AI for software tasks, saving time and boosting efficiency.
  • AI applications in NEC span various industries, offering tailored solutions for diverse business needs.
  • NEC partners with NTT Docomo to expand its Open RAN business globally, driving innovation in the telecom sector.

In a bid to optimize business operations and slash labor costs, Japan-based NEC Corporation has successfully integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into its software engineering tasks. Through a comprehensive companywide experiment initiated last year, NEC has witnessed a remarkable reduction of up to 70% in labor costs associated with various tasks.

NEC’s Chief Technology Officer, Motoo Nishihara, disclosed that the experiment commenced in May last year and yielded promising results. The time spent on tasks such as document preparation has been halved, while meeting minutes transcription has seen a significant decrease from 30 minutes to just five. These advancements underscore the tangible benefits AI can bring to streamline mundane tasks and enhance productivity across industries.

Strategic focus on AI deployment

The experiment underscores NEC’s commitment to leveraging AI for strategic business benefits. Masakazu Yamashina, NEC’s Co-Chief Operating Officer, emphasized judiciously applying large language models (LLMs) or generative AI to enhance business operations. Yamashina highlighted that the true value of generative AI lies in its adept utilization within specific domains, coupled with robust security measures.

NEC’s endeavor to harness AI technologies is not confined to internal operations; it extends to potential commercialization for external entities. With extensive domain-specific knowledge spanning diverse industries, including agriculture, government, telecom, and transportation, NEC is poised to deliver tailored AI solutions to meet varying business needs.

NEC is gearing up to unveil many innovative AI-powered products to bolster efficiency and decision-making processes. One such product is an AI-driven video recognition system that analyzes accidents via CCTV footage. Currently, in the trial phase, this system holds the potential to revolutionize accident investigation processes by swiftly identifying key moments and determining accident causes, thereby expediting response times for insurance companies and law enforcement agencies.

Driving innovation with Open Radio Access Network

Additionally, NEC is venturing into the realm of Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN), a collaborative model to disrupt the telecom equipment market. Through a strategic partnership with NTT Docomo, Japan’s leading telecom carrier, NEC seeks to expand its Open RAN business globally. This move positions NEC as a key player in the evolving telecom landscape and underscores its commitment to fostering innovation through collaborative ventures.

NEC’s foray into AI-driven solutions exemplifies its commitment to innovation and efficiency enhancement. By harnessing the power of AI across various domains, NEC aims to redefine traditional business paradigms and pave the way for a more streamlined and technologically advanced future. As businesses increasingly recognize the transformative potential of AI, NEC stands poised to lead the charge in delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the digital age.

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