Micromotors redefine water treatment with AI precision


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  • Micromotors have emerged as a promising tool for environmental remediation.
  • The micromotors developed by ICIQ are coated with laccase.
  • The optimization of micromotor design remains a primary focus.

Researchers from the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) in Spain have developed innovative micromotors capable of autonomously navigating and purifying wastewater. These micromotors utilize chemical reactions to release bubbles, propelling them forward, and are covered with a compound known as laccase, which accelerates the conversion of urea into ammonia when exposed to polluted water.

 The breakthrough not only addresses the issue of water pollution but also offers the potential for generating green energy from the produced ammonia. To optimize the efficiency of these micromotors, an artificial intelligence (AI) method developed at the University of Gothenburg will be employed.

Micromotors have emerged as a promising tool for environmental remediation due to their ability to perform specific tasks on a microscale. The micromotors created by ICIQ consist of a silicon and manganese dioxide tube that generates bubbles through chemical reactions, propelling the micromotor forward. This unique design enables them to navigate autonomously within contaminated water, making them a valuable asset for wastewater treatment.

The micromotors developed by ICIQ are coated with laccase, a chemical compound that enhances the conversion of urea, a common pollutant found in water, into ammonia. This conversion has significant implications for water treatment as it prevents eutrophication, a major issue in urban areas. Furthermore, the conversion of urea into ammonia offers an additional advantage – it can serve as a green energy source. Ammonia can be transformed into hydrogen, making it a potential candidate for sustainable energy production.

Addressing challenges in micromotor development

Despite the promising potential of these micromotors, there are challenges to overcome in their development. One major obstacle is the interference caused by the bubbles generated during their operation. The bubbles obscure the view under a microscope, making it difficult for researchers to monitor the movements and efficiency of the micromotors accurately.

To address this issue, researchers at the University of Gothenburg have developed an AI method that allows for the estimation of micromotor movements under a microscope. This machine learning-based approach enables simultaneous monitoring of multiple micromotors within the liquid. This breakthrough in AI technology has the potential to revolutionize the development and optimization of micromotors, particularly in laboratory environments where precise monitoring is crucial.

While the prospect of urban water treatment plants becoming energy producers is an exciting one, there is still a considerable amount of development work ahead. The optimization of micromotor design remains a primary focus, with researchers striving to enhance their efficiency in purifying water. Additionally, the AI method developed by the University of Gothenburg must be further modified to be compatible with large-scale trials.

Tuning micromotors to perfection

Harshith Bachimanchi, a PhD student at the Department of Physics, University of Gothenburg, emphasized the importance of fine-tuning these micromotors to achieve optimal results. The combination of AI-driven monitoring and ongoing research efforts holds the key to realizing the full potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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