Metamask unveils new feature for US traders

TL;DR Breakdown
  • Metamask unveils new feature for US traders
  • The wallet company announces cap on transactions
  • Sardine will provide real-time services

Metamask has announced via a blog post that users in the United States can now make bank-to-crypto transfers on the application. According to the blog post some days ago, the wallet announced that it has teamed up with Sardine, an automated merchant, to make this feature possible. The wallet mentioned that users in the US can now make seamless transfers across their banks and the app without delays and issues.

Metamask announces cap on transactions

The Metamask blog post also mentioned that the team-up with Sardine would provide users with the service at any point. This means that users can make transfers anytime they want, even if there is a public holiday. The transfers will also take minutes instead of the usual days that other ACH merchants provide. The wallet provider also noted that users could transfer a wide range of digital assets using the merchant.

However, the total transfer for each trader is capped at $3,000 per day. In the same vein, there is a $5,000 cap for the week, while the wallet adds a cap of $25,000 every month. Aside from its fast service, the blog post noted that Sardine has measures to ensure fraud protection and help users comply with laws across the country.

Sardine will provide real-time services

Metamask also claims that Sardine is being used by famous firms across the market, including FTX and Autograph. He detailed statement claimed that top companies prefer Sardine because of the so many great features that the platform provides to users and firms. The wallet company claims there is no delay and no issues concerning transfers, as they all happen in real-time. This way, it is easier and faster and gives users and firms an all-around great experience using the platform. Asides from Consensys mentioning the team-up, Metamask has also taken to Twitter to give its view of the partnership between the two firms.

It mentioned that its users would enjoy a wide range of benefits from the new feature, especially with its partnership with the payment company. The firm also announced that the feature is open to users. Metamask houses a huge list of users across several sectors of the crypto market. A recent update by the company revealed that more than 30 million traders across the world make use of its services. Understandably, a large chunk of that population is living in the US. This also means that the firm might be looking to enable this feature outside the US in the coming years.

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