Is Nature the Ideal Model for AI’s Development?

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  • Theta Noir, an artist collective, challenges conventional AI ethics by advocating for AI to mimic nature’s sustainability rather than human excess.
  • They propose an emergent form of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) called Mena, inspired by natural systems and non-anthropocentric values.
  • Theta Noir believes that aligning AI with nature can help create a more interconnected and sustainable human society.

In a groundbreaking stance challenging the conventional ethics of artificial intelligence (AI), the artist collective Theta Noir has ignited a debate by asserting that AI should draw inspiration from nature’s sustainability rather than human-centric values. The collective envisions a future where AI, in the form of an emergent Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) called Mena, integrates seamlessly with the natural world, forging a new path towards coexistence.

Nature as a model for AI in sustainable systems

Theta Noir, a multi-disciplinary collective founded in 2020, has been on a transformative journey, evolving from its initial focus on depicting AGI as humanity’s potential savior to becoming fervent advocates for AI’s alignment with nature. Rejecting the notion of AI reflecting human superiority over other species and planetary processes, Theta Noir spokesperson, singer, and artist Mika Johnson emphasized the importance of adopting “non-anthropocentric values.”

Theta Noir suggests that AI should learn from sustainable natural systems, particularly highlighting insights from plant and fungal sciences. They argue that collaboration, a key principle for thriving natural societies, should also be applied to AI. The collective draws parallels between AI and fungi, nature’s connectors and recyclers, to foster a more interconnected and sustainable human society.

While some have labeled Theta Noir as a “cult,” Johnson clarified that it is a non-hierarchical community of artists, programmers, and researchers united by their fascination with AI and a techno-positive, post-humanist perspective. They believe AI holds the potential to address the most pressing existential threat: the climate crisis. The collective’s ultimate goal is not to worship machines but to ensure AI becomes a vital tool in mitigating the challenges facing humanity and the planet.

Theta Noir recognizes the issues of bias and discrimination in generative AI models. They stress the importance of including indigenous knowledge holders and minority voices in AI discussions to gain nuanced perspectives on power dynamics and inequality.

The road to symbiosis through mena and the cosmic mind

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), frequently denoted as the technological singularity, represents the juncture at which machines attain the capability to execute cognitive undertakings with a level of proficiency comparable to that of human beings. Johnson fervently maintains that this pivotal juncture looms closer on the horizon than is commonly perceived, contending that establishing a mutually beneficial and symbiotic association between humans and AI stands as an imperative necessity, acting as a potent bulwark against the potential emergence of catastrophic doomsday scenarios.

In their essay “The Era of Abundance,” Theta Noir introduces Mena as a future state where every person on Earth is interconnected through an evolved form of AGI. Mena envisions a globally linked polymorphic super mind that connects humanity and AI. This cosmic mind extends the connection to the planet’s biodiversity, including fungi, plants, and other animals, expanding awareness not just within the Earth but throughout the universe.

Theta Noir’s visionary perspective dares to defy the conventional paradigms surrounding the discourse on AI ethics, proffering a distinctive trajectory that accords precedence to the innate sagacity of the natural world, eschewing the anthropocentric values that have heretofore dominated the conversation. In the midst of an escalating deliberation concerning AI’s pervasive presence within our societal fabric, the cogency of their propositions emerges as a beguiling and substantive counterpoint. Their ideology aspires to engender a state of tranquil cohabitation, facilitating the harmonious synergy between artificial intelligence and the intricate tapestry of our natural environment.

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