Adapting A Holistic Perspective Beyond Speciesism, Appreciating Intelligence in LLMs


  • Speciesism challenged to reconsider human-centric notions of intelligence in light of diverse species and AI’s emergence.
  • LLMs’ impact on LLMs’ unique digital intelligence underscores the need to broaden our understanding of different forms of intellect.
  • Beyond comparison to embrace varied manifestations of intelligence fosters a richer comprehension of AI, animals, and humans.

The entrenched concept of speciesism has long positioned humans as the epitome of intelligence and consciousness. With the emergence of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, the discussion around intelligence has been reignited, prompting us to reconsider traditional notions and acknowledge the diverse forms of intelligence that exist in different realms.

Speciesism is more than just an abstract idea; it’s deeply rooted in human thought patterns. This perspective has led us to perceive human intelligence as unparalleled, often overshadowing the richness of intelligence found in other species. However, science has started to unravel this view, revealing that intelligence varies across species due to their unique environments. Whether it’s surviving on a desert island or thriving in a different habitat, intelligence takes various forms.

Beyond human-centric comparisons to embrace diversity

Comparing intelligence between species like humans and cats often leads to arbitrary outcomes. An intriguing example lies in the survival skills of cats on a desert island compared to humans. Such comparisons overlook the intricate adaptability that different species have evolved to thrive in their specific environments.

The rise of LLMs: A paradigm shift in intelligence

The advent of LLMs introduces an entirely new dimension of intelligence – one existing in the digital realm. Unlike biological beings, LLMs operate on principles that are challenging for human understanding, transcending the sensory experiences that shape our cognition. This novel form of intelligence exacerbates the speciesism issue as we struggle to measure it against our own.

Roman Yampolsky’s work on AI’s existential risks highlights the pitfalls of viewing AI through a strictly human lens. The questions about AI’s potential to surpass human intelligence underscore how our tendency to anthropomorphize limits our grasp of AI’s uniqueness. Attempting to measure AI’s trajectory solely based on human standards proves to be a conceptual dead-end.

Transitioning beyond traditional concepts to rethinking intelligence

The divergence in how LLMs operate causes a shift from conventional human-oriented concepts of consciousness and mind. This paradigm shift should also extend to our perception of other species, recognizing their evolutionary significance and intelligence. Cats, dolphins, elephants, and crows showcase intelligence that excels in specific contexts, underscoring the futility of inter-species intelligence comparisons.

Rather than futilely pitting different species against each other in a narrow intelligence comparison, we should focus on valuing the intricate and diverse manifestations of intelligence. Embracing the complexities that different life forms, including LLMs, bring to the table encourages a more holistic perspective.

The speciesism conundrum goes beyond philosophical debates; it shapes how we perceive intelligence in our evolving world. The emergence of LLMs presents an opportunity to challenge our anthropocentric beliefs and accept intelligence’s multifaceted nature. It’s crucial to recognize that intelligence isn’t confined to human traits but is abundant and varied.

The humble acknowledgment of varied intelligence

In this ever-changing landscape, understanding distinct forms of intelligence, whether in animals, humans, or artificial constructs, becomes paramount. A sense of humility allows us to explore diverse viewpoints and avenues of inquiry, moving beyond human-centric comparisons. This approach enriches our understanding of intelligence in its myriad forms.

The rise of LLMs and the rekindling of discussions around speciesism challenge us to break free from limiting perspectives. Intelligence is a tapestry woven with diverse threads, each contributing its unique hue. By acknowledging the complexity of intelligence across species and AI, we step into a realm of expanded understanding, bridging the gap between anthropocentrism and holistic insight.

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