Google Photos to Introduce Manual Recategorization Feature for Enhanced User Control


  • Google Photos is introducing a manual recategorization feature.
  • Users can correct AI misclassifications by selecting images and choosing new categories.
  • This update aims to improve user control and enhance AI training for better categorization accuracy.

To offer users more control over organizing their digital photo collections, Google Photos is reportedly gearing up to introduce a manual recategorization feature. This move comes in response to the occasional misclassification of images by the platform’s AI-driven categorization system.

Automatic categorization: A double-edged sword

Since its inception in 2021, Google Photos’ AI-powered categorization system has been instrumental in sorting images into various predefined categories such as Receipts, Identity, Screenshots, and more. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, the platform can intelligently identify and group images based on their content.

However, despite its effectiveness, the automatic categorization feature is not immune to occasional errors. Instances of misidentifying documents, receipts, or IDs are not uncommon, leading to frustration for users who rely on the platform for seamless organization.

The promise of manual correction

According to findings by app feature observer @AssembleDebug on X (formerly Twitter), Google Photos is implementing a manual recategorization feature. Strings of code discovered within the app suggest that users will soon be able to manually correct the categorization of images that the AI inaccurately sorted.

Once rolled out, the manual recategorization feature is expected to allow users to select misclassified images, access the three-dot overflow menu in the top right corner, and choose the “Change Categories” option. This functionality aims to empower users to take control of the organization of their digital photo libraries, ensuring that images are sorted accurately according to their preferences.

Enhancing user experience and AI training

While the exact timeline for the rollout of the manual recategorization feature remains uncertain, its introduction holds the potential to significantly enhance the user experience within Google Photos. The platform aims to address common frustrations and improve overall satisfaction by allowing users to manually correct categorization errors.

Moreover, implementing manual correction functionality could be valuable input for Google’s machine-learning models. By analyzing user corrections and preferences, the platform can refine its AI algorithms, leading to more accurate automatic categorization in the future. This iterative improvement process underscores Google’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI-driven solutions while prioritizing user feedback and engagement.

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