Generation Z Workers Navigate AI: Balancing Excitement and Concerns


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  • Gen Z, the tech-savvy generation, is diving into AI at work but sometimes pretends to know more than they do, driven by the fear of falling behind.
  • They’re excited about AI’s potential but worried about job security as some jobs have shifted to automation.
  • Gen Z is eager to learn and adapt despite their dilemmas, positioning themselves well in the tech-driven workplace.

The latest generation to enter the workforce, Generation Z (Gen Z), is making significant strides in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance productivity. Born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, Gen Z employees are recognized for their adaptability to AI technologies. However, their journey is marked by optimism and unease as they grapple with the pressure to keep up with the rapid advancements in AI.

Gen Z individuals, known for their innate familiarity with digital technology, wholeheartedly embrace AI as a tool that can reshape their work. An extensive survey conducted by LinkedIn involving more than 2,000 respondents aged 18 and above reveals that 82% of Gen Z participants have actively experimented with AI tools in their professional capacities. This proactive approach underscores their readiness to embrace the evolving work environment.

However, beneath their enthusiastic exterior lies an interesting revelation. The survey also highlights a notable trend among Gen Z professionals, with 41% acknowledging that they sometimes pretend to possess a deeper understanding of AI than they do. This tendency to overstate their proficiency underscores the underlying stress experienced by this generation. The fear of lagging in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-driven industries has led some to exaggerate their AI skills.

Anxiety surrounding AI competence

A closer examination of the survey data reveals that 45% of Gen Z individuals harbor concerns regarding their AI competency. The mounting expectations associated with AI literacy have left them anxious about their ability to stay abreast of technological developments. This apprehension is perhaps best exemplified by their inclination to claim familiarity with AI tools, even when they haven’t used them, making Gen Z individuals 10% more likely to do so than the general population.

Charlotte Davies, the group manager of consumer communications and a career expert at LinkedIn, offers valuable insights into this predicament. She remarks, “Our research indicates that nearly half of Gen-Z professionals are grappling with a sense of overwhelm and a fear of falling behind. Many admit to exaggerating their AI knowledge, while others worry that their peers possess a superior understanding.” Davies underscores the mixed emotions that Gen Z workers experience, noting their genuine eagerness to learn despite their anxieties.

To comprehend the dynamics at play, it is imperative to consider the context in which Gen Z professionals are navigating the world of AI. This generation has witnessed monumental shifts, from the disruptive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to the impending AI era. These challenges have forged their resilience, equipping them to adapt to change effectively.

AI as a dual-edged sword

While Gen Z is enthusiastic about embracing AI, they are not blind to its potential consequences. Concerns loom regarding job security, as some individuals have reported instances where AI led to the outsourcing of jobs. The fear of losing employment to automation adds complexity to their relationship with AI. This paradox illustrates Gen Z workers who are simultaneously excited about the prospects of AI and cautious about its implications.

Despite their pressures and dilemmas, Gen Z is not shying away from the challenge. Their overwhelming enthusiasm, with 92% expressing a keen interest in utilizing AI in their roles, demonstrates a genuine willingness to adapt and thrive in a technologically advanced world. Davies emphasizes that young professionals are navigating these changes with resilience, positioning themselves to overcome obstacles as they arise.

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