ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP major altcoin prices down after Bitcoin price plunge

The current king of cryptocurrency Bitcoin price plunge is taking all major altcoin prices down in the red zone.

As per the data, the king itself is down by over five percent and a half percent (5.8%), whereas the market cap took a six billion dollars ($16B) hit coming down to one hundred and seventy-five billion dollars ($175B) range.

altcoin price down - market chartMarket overview chart by CoinMarketCap

While the queen of cryptocurrency Ethereum is down by over nine and a half percent (9.57%), while the market cap stands at over twenty-billion dollars ($20.15B).

Similarly, Ripple XRP is also down by over nine and a half percent (9.75%) with a market cap of almost eleven and a half billion dollars ($11.422B).

Altcoin prices down, biggest losers

Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS have taken the biggest hits at over eleven and a half percent (11.67%), almost ten and a half percent (10.38%) and a little over ten percent (10.12%) respectively while the market capitals stand at over two and a quarter billion dollars ($2.344B), over five and a half billion dollars ($5.636B) and almost three and a half billion dollars ($3.407B) respectively.

Litecoin also took a big hit of over nine percent (9.17%) while the market capitalization is now down to a little over four and three quarter billion dollars ($4.826B).

While Binance coin and Stellar also got hit with the price cuts where Stellar saw an almost seven percent (6.97%) and Binance Coin saw a little over six and a quarter percent (6.27%). Whereas, the market capital for Binance coin and Stellar stands at over five and a half billion dollars ($5.636) and over one and quarter billion dollars ($1.347B).

Last but not least, Tether has been the only cryptocurrency that virtually didn’t see any real decline in price out of the top ten cryptocurrencies. Tether price dropped only three-quarters of a percent (0.75%) while the market cap stands a little over four billion dollars ($4.022B).