Cumbrian Tech Firm Embraces Renewables to Power AI Surge


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  • SMS Speedway’s use of wind and solar power, coupled with advanced battery storage, showcases a strategic commitment to integrating renewable energy in addressing AI’s rising energy demands.
  • CEO Bradley Kieser emphasizes SMS Speedway’s dedication to being a green business, actively countering global warming by adopting eco-friendly practices and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with AI operations.
  • The intersection of AI-driven efficiency and renewable energy at SMS Speedway illustrates a forward-thinking model, demonstrating how technological advancements can coexist with environmental sustainability.

In a strategic move to address the soaring energy demands of artificial intelligence (AI), SMS Speedway, a technology firm based in Roweltown, near Carlisle, has integrated renewable energy sources to power its operations. The company has recently implemented two 15-kilowatt wind turbines and is actively expanding its solar capacity while incorporating advanced battery storage systems.

Harnessing Cumbria’s natural resources

SMS Speedway’s initiative aligns with its commitment to environmental sustainability, utilizing Cumbria’s abundant wind and solar resources to generate electricity for its servers. The adoption of these renewable energy solutions is positioned to cater to up to 90% of the company’s energy requirements, reflecting a significant stride towards a greener business model.

Acknowledging the escalating energy needs accompanying the advancements in AI capabilities, Bradley Kieser, CEO of SMS Speedway, emphasized the pivotal role of renewable energy in mitigating the environmental impact. As AI continues to evolve and tackle intricate tasks, energy consumption surges exponentially, necessitating innovative approaches to power these technological endeavors sustainably.

Kieser stated, “We strive to be a green business, so this is our way of ensuring that we’re not contributing to global warming through our activities.” The integration of wind turbines, solar power, and enhanced battery storage reflects the company’s proactive stance in addressing the environmental implications associated with the growing energy demands of AI.

Navigating the AI energy landscape

While recognizing AI’s potential to enhance energy efficiency in specific domains such as transport logistics, SMS Speedway remains cognizant of the broader energy consumption challenges. A recent study highlighted the potential global energy consumption of AI, reaching 85–134 terawatt hours by 2027, equivalent to the annual power consumption of a country the size of the Netherlands.

Mr. Kieser acknowledged the existing carbon footprint of AI but also hinted at emerging technologies like Mamba that could potentially flatten the consumption curve. In the interim, SMS Speedway strategically supplements its energy needs by sourcing electricity from Octopus Energy, a renewable energy specialist, and investing in battery storage to ensure continuity during periods of low renewable energy availability.

AI-Driven efficiency and data security

SMS Speedway not only employs renewable energy but also integrates AI to optimize internal processes. AI is leveraged to schedule non-time-sensitive, energy-demanding tasks during periods of abundant renewable power supply, demonstrating the company’s commitment to efficient resource utilization. Additionally, the firm utilizes AI to secure customer data, emphasizing the offline nature of its servers and adherence to privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Kieser explained, “Our AI systems are not connected to the internet, so there is no data leakage. We base our AI solutions on open-source AI, ensuring they are private, secure, and GDPR compliant.” This approach underscores SMS Speedway’s dedication to maintaining the integrity and security of client information while harnessing the power of AI for operational efficiency.

SMS Speedway’s integration of wind and solar energy sources, coupled with advanced battery storage and AI-driven optimization, marks a forward-thinking approach to address the surging energy demands of AI. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, coupled with strategic investments, positions it as a pioneering entity in navigating the intersection of AI and renewable energy. As the global community grapples with the environmental implications of technological advancements, SMS Speedway’s initiatives serve as a testament to the potential synergy between cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices.

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