Concerns Raised by Kevin Sorbo and Sam Sorbo Over Use of AI in Hollywood

AI in Hollywood

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  • Actors Kevin Sorbo and his wife Sam Sorbo worry about AI changing actors’ looks and art without control.
  • Strikes by unions show a clash about AI’s role in the entertainment industry.
  • Studios and unions negotiate while balancing technology and creative rights.

Actors Kevin Sorbo and his wife Sam Sorbo, known for their roles in “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” have expressed apprehension regarding the growing utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in the entertainment industry. The couple, who run Sorbo Studios, a production company specializing in family-friendly, faith-based content, shared their concerns during an interview with Fox News Digital. Their worries extend to potential AI manipulation of actors’ likenesses and performances, sparking a broader conversation about the ethical and regulatory challenges surrounding AI’s role in Hollywood.

AI’s potential manipulation of actors’ likenesses

The Sorbos voiced concerns that AI could be used to manipulate actors’ likenesses and performances, citing potential legal and ethical implications. Kevin Sorbo highlighted the notion of creating films starring past icons like Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando through AI, noting the necessity of addressing compensation for such endeavors. While intrigued by the creative possibilities, he emphasized the importance of adhering to legal standards to ensure fair treatment of individuals’ likenesses.

Unregulated and stealthy nature of AI

Sam Sorbo echoed her husband’s apprehensions and expressed the broader dangers associated with AI. She emphasized the lack of regulation surrounding AI’s deployment and its stealthy capacity to reproduce art and other creative works without oversight. The couple’s concerns extend beyond Hollywood, as Sam Sorbo noted the challenges posed to artists by AI’s ability to replicate and modify artwork. This viewpoint underscores the wider debate about AI’s role in various creative fields and its potential impact on the integrity of artistic expression.

Support for ongoing strikes

The ongoing strikes by the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) highlight the industry’s struggle to find common ground on AI-related issues. The Sorbos expressed solidarity with the striking unions, recognizing the complexities of balancing technological advancements with the rights and interests of creative professionals. The strikes, initiated in May and July, respectively, underscore the urgency of addressing AI-related concerns within the entertainment industry.

Studios’ and unions’ negotiations

Recent developments in the negotiations between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) shed light on the efforts to find a resolution to the ongoing strikes. A significant point of contention revolves around AI’s impact on creative content and the protections required for writers. The AMPTP’s first counteroffer, presented to the WGA, signals a potential negotiation turning point. However, the guild’s response suggests that while progress has been made, fundamental issues remain unresolved.

Industry’s perspective on ending the strike

The AMPTP, representing major studios and production entities, has expressed its commitment to ending the strikes and reinstating normalcy within the industry. The organization has offered an offer that addresses the writers’ primary concerns. In a statement, AMPTP president Carol Lombardini emphasized the desire to alleviate the challenges faced by the creative community and the broader industry ecosystem. While both parties strive to reach an agreement, the complexities of reconciling technological advancements with creative integrity persist.

The concerns raised by Kevin Sorbo and Sam Sorbo regarding AI’s role in Hollywood highlight the intricate challenges posed by technological advancements in the entertainment industry. The couple’s worries extend beyond mere economic implications, encompassing ethical considerations and the need for regulatory frameworks to govern AI deployment. 

As the industry navigates ongoing strikes and negotiations, the delicate balance between innovation and creative integrity remains at the forefront of discussions. The ultimate resolution will likely shape the future landscape of entertainment, determining how AI’s capabilities are harnessed while safeguarding the rights and interests of all stakeholders.

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