NFTs give astronauts a new way to share their experiences


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  • Blockchain Technology and NFTs make their way into Space Development.
  • Veteran American Spaceman Scott Kelly shows interest in NFTs.
  • Kelly helps Ukrainians through the initial sale of his NFT collection.

With the emergence of blockchain technology, several new and exciting concepts have made their way into the global arena. The innovation and digitization brought upon by this concept have revolutionized several sectors and industries. Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly relevant to the business and the consumer sector.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) also extend a similar concept lineage. Within a short time, NFTs have stormed into different industries. After making a mark in entertainment and sports, NFTs are also gaining attention from astronauts and space geeks. It is believed that NFTs can become a big hit in this sector. The uniqueness offered by NFTs could be put to use in space development initiatives.

Famous astronaut Scott Kelly hops onto the NFT bandwagon

In past months, we have seen celebrities, influencers, NBA players, and even politicians enjoying the perks of NFTs. However, now the exciting NFT sector has managed to pull in a veteran astronaut, Scot Kelly. He is one popular and respectable name in the astronaut fraternity. Kelly has jumped in on the NFT frenzy and has agreed to tell the story of his time in the outer world via NFTs.

As a retired astronaut who went on four space missions, Kelly has a lot to share and many stories. Kelly has stated that he has been following blockchain developments for more than six years. His curiosity for NFTs and the blockchain world has ensured his participation in the NFT community.

Kelly fancies the coherence of NFTs and space. He finds NFTs suitable to catalyze and influence the growth of space development in the coming times. Thus, Kelly found a way and introduced himself to the NFT community through the latest collection.

Dreams Out of This World – an NFT collection by Scott Kelly!

In a recent development, Scott Kelly practically pursued his idea of combining space and NFTs. He released an NFT collection under “Dreams Out of This World.” This collection reflects upon the space journey of Scott Kelly. Having 3,333 NFTs, Kelly’s digital art collection proved to be a major hit in the NFT market. Consequently, the collection made $500,000 in sales, indicating the high interest from buyers and NFT enthusiasts.

The proceeds from the sale of NFTs would go to the non-profit Global Empowerment Mission (GEM). This organization is meant to provide relief and support to the people affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Several Ukrainians are displaced, fleeing, and migrating, so the contribution from Kelly’s NFT sale will help them in these testing times.

Kelly had also stated that the ongoing Ukrainian crisis holds immense importance for him. Therefore, the complete proceeds of the initial sale of his NFT collection will go to GEM to aid relief projects in Ukraine. Moreover, Kelly also praised how he could help Ukrainians through NFTs. He noted that the relief work could be done in several ways but he was grateful for the help he got while launching the NFT project and supporting the Ukrainians in this adversity.

At the same time, several other Web 3.0 and NFT projects have raised funds for the Ukrainians. The crypto and blockchain sector has remained relevant with the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. This shows the global relevance of these concepts. Various NFT collections have donated millions of dollars towards the relief efforts for the people of Ukraine.  

Kelly’s pleasant experience in the NFT world is paving the way for other astronauts’ inclusion. He believes that this is a more suitable way for astronauts to share their exciting experiences rather than merely posting on the internet. This means we can see more astronauts joining in on the trend set by Scott Kelly.

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