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  • Pure Storage’s report reveals a major increase in computing power needs due to AI, with many organizations doubling their capacity since adopting AI.
  • A significant number of businesses were unprepared for AI’s energy demands, impacting their environmental goals and necessitating infrastructure upgrades.
  • The report advises IT leaders to invest in AI-ready data infrastructure for efficient deployment and to meet sustainability goals effectively.

In a landmark report, “Drivers of Change: Meeting the Energy and Data Challenges of AI Adoption,” Pure Storage, in partnership with Wakefield Research, unveils the unseen complexities and demands of artificial intelligence (AI) in contemporary business environments. This comprehensive study sheds light on the need for infrastructural evolution to harness AI’s full potential while balancing energy consumption and sustainability goals.

The surging demand for computing power

The report’s core findings are based on a survey involving 500 IT buyers from large organizations across the United States and Europe. It reveals a significant increase in computing power needs, with 88% of those who have adopted AI reporting a dramatic surge. Notably, nearly half of these organizations have had to double their computing power or more since integrating AI into their operations.

This spike in demand is a double-edged sword. While it underscores AI’s growing influence, it also exposes the inadequacies of existing infrastructures. The traditional systems are often ill-equipped to support the massive data pipelines AI requires, leading to a pressing need for smarter, more efficient infrastructure.

Underestimating AI’s energy footprint

A striking 73% of respondents admitted their unpreparedness for AI’s energy demands. This oversight is not just a technical shortfall but a strategic one, affecting these organizations’ broader environmental and sustainability objectives. As AI’s footprint expands, its energy consumption becomes a critical consideration, challenging the conventional IT infrastructure design and management paradigms.

The report underlines that AI’s energy consumption is more than a mere operational burden. It necessitates significant upgrades in data management tools (48%), processes (46%), and storage infrastructure (46%). These upgrades are not optional but essential, with 96% of surveyed IT buyers either already updating or planning to update their IT infrastructures. In some cases, this means a complete overhaul, as indicated by 29% of respondents.

Impact on sustainability and the path forward

The integration of AI has inadvertently set back the sustainability goals for 89% of businesses surveyed. This setback, however, is being countered by proactive measures. Sixty percent of those who have adopted AI or plan to do so within the next year are investing in more energy-efficient hardware to align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

Rob Lee, Chief Technology Officer at Pure Storage, emphasizes the importance of adaptability in this context. He states that as AI’s power and data demands skyrocket, investing in the right AI-ready data infrastructure is crucial for effective deployment and energy efficiency and maximizing AI’s value. His insights serve as a guiding light for IT leaders grappling with the dual challenges of AI implementation and energy management.

A call to action for IT leaders

The “Drivers of Change” report is a wake-up call for organizations navigating the complex terrain of AI adoption. It highlights the critical need for a reassessment of data infrastructures to accommodate the burgeoning requirements of AI, keeping energy costs in check and aligning with corporate environmental goals. As AI continues its accelerated adoption path, the report serves as a crucial resource, offering insights and guiding principles for IT leaders aiming to balance the scales of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

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