AI-Powered Security System Implemented to Prevent Guns from Entering Michigan State Capitol


  • Michigan State Capitol deploys AI system called ZeroEyes to stop guns from entering, boosting security.
  • AI technology detects firearms, alerts authorities, and maintains privacy by tracking only guns.
  • Michigan leads the way as the first state to implement this innovative security solution in its Capitol.

In an unprecedented move, the Michigan State Capitol has implemented artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance security measures and prevent firearms from entering the building. This groundbreaking initiative, known as the ZeroEyes program, aims to ensure the safety of Capitol workers, visitors, and individuals conducting business within the premises.

Enhancing Capitol security with AI

The Capitol Commission’s Chair, William Kandler, expressed the primary goal of this innovative security system:

“To make sure that we can keep weapons, and guns especially out of the building so people who work here, people who visit here, and people doing business here can feel safe.” 

This decision was prompted by the disturbing events of 2020 when armed protestors stormed Michigan’s Capitol.

Following the 2020 incident, Kandler initiated efforts to restrict open carry within the Capitol. However, the enforcement of such restrictions required a robust security infrastructure. Consequently, the decision was made to implement state-of-the-art security systems featuring AI technology.

ZeroEyes in action

ZeroEyes utilizes advanced AI algorithms to monitor security cameras strategically placed throughout the State Capitol. When the system detects a firearm, it immediately notifies local and internal authorities with crucial information, including the individual’s description, their last known location, and the type of firearm they possess.

 Dustin Brooks, a Co-Founder at ZeroEyes, elaborated on the system’s capabilities, stating,

“Then we stay with them as a potential event could unfold. So, if that individual moves to different cameras, we get different detections, they get different dispatches.”

It’s important to note that the AI system is designed to exclusively alert authorities when firearms are detected, ensuring that it respects the privacy of individuals within the Capitol. The system maintains a comprehensive database of hundreds of firearm types and continues to expand its knowledge base.

Michigan leading the way

Michigan has emerged as a pioneer in Capitol security by becoming the first state to adopt this groundbreaking AI technology within its Capitol building. The implementation of ZeroEyes marks a significant step towards enhancing security measures in high-traffic areas.

ZeroEyes has already made its mark in the region, with Lansing Catholic High School adopting the technology in October 2022. This early adoption showcases the growing recognition of AI-powered security systems as effective tools in ensuring safety.

Enhanced security for a safer Capitol

The utilization of AI technology to prevent firearms from entering the Michigan State Capitol underscores the commitment to maintaining a safe environment for all individuals who enter the building. With its ability to swiftly detect and alert authorities to potential threats, ZeroEyes represents a critical addition to the Capitol’s security infrastructure.

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