Unlocking AI Potential: Businesses Lag in Adoption Despite Recognizing Opportunity


  • AI is recognized as a competitive advantage but slow adoption.
  • Businesses face challenges in AI deployment strategies.
  • Anticipated surge in AI adoption in 2024.

A recent joint study conducted by MIT and Australian telecommunications company Telstra has revealed that despite acknowledging the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as a competitive advantage, only a meager 9% of businesses have commenced integrating AI technologies into their operations. 

The study, which surveyed 300 business leaders across Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Europe, shed light on the slow uptake of AI despite widespread recognition of its potential benefits.

Recognition of AI potential in Businesses, yet slow adoption

The study found that a staggering 78% of businesses perceive AI as a competitive opportunity within their respective sectors. However, this optimism has not translated into widespread adoption, with only a fraction of companies actively incorporating AI technologies into their workflows. 

Despite the anticipation surrounding generative AI—a branch of AI that involves machines creating content—it remains largely underutilized, with just 8% of respondents viewing it as a potential threat.

While many businesses expressed intentions to leverage generative AI to unearth hidden opportunities within their data, the reality paints a different picture. In 2023, adoption rates remained sluggish, with less than 10% of companies embracing the technology extensively. Among those who did integrate AI, the predominant use cases revolved around automating non-essential tasks rather than fostering innovation.

Challenges such as data management complexities and regulatory concerns have been cited as significant impediments to AI adoption. Despite the enthusiasm for AI’s potential, businesses have grappled with navigating the intricacies of deploying AI effectively within their organizations.

Anticipated shifts in 2024

Despite the tepid adoption rates in previous years, optimism remains high for the potential of AI in the coming year. Survey respondents indicated a significant uptick in the number of functions and general purposes for which they intend to deploy generative AI. This anticipated surge in adoption aligns with the growing global interest in positioning countries as leaders in AI technology.

As businesses gear up for potential AI integration, executives must prioritize building end-to-end capabilities to harness the transformative power of AI effectively. This entails developing robust frameworks for handling vast datasets, accurately contextualizing data for actionable insights, and ensuring ethical and responsible AI applications.

David Williams, Managing Director of EMEA at Telstra International, emphasized the importance of addressing deployment challenges proactively. He urged executives to focus on overcoming barriers to AI adoption to capitalize on the technology’s full potential.

While businesses recognize AI as a game-changing tool with the potential to revolutionize various industries, the gap between recognition and adoption persists. Despite the sluggish pace of AI integration in 2023, the upcoming year presents an opportunity for businesses to ramp up their efforts and unlock the transformative capabilities of AI. 

By addressing deployment challenges and embracing AI responsibly, businesses can position themselves as leaders in the AI-driven economy of the future

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