AI Chatbots Have Made Customer Service Worse


  • About 40.4% of Americans believed that AI-driven customer service has made their experiences worse.
  • While they offer the promise of 24/7 availability and instant responses, many consumers find AI chatbots frustrating.
  • Experts argue that companies rushing down the cost-cutting path without proper implementation could be moving in the wrong direction.

AI chatbots have become increasingly popular for customer service interactions, with many businesses scrambling just to fit into the narrative and AI trend. However, the rush has resulted in several overlooked limitations that have soiled the customer service experience of users. 

In a survey conducted by Infobip, a global cloud communications platform, about 40.4% of Americans believed that AI-driven customer service has made their experiences worse. 

AI Chatbots Are Currently Not The Option Best for Customer Service

While they offer the promise of 24/7 availability and instant responses, many consumers find themselves frustrated by the limitations of these virtual chatbots.

One of the most common complaints is the inability of AI chatbots to understand complex or specific issues. These bots are often programmed with a limited set of pre-defined responses and keywords, making them unable to grasp the nuances of a customer’s inquiry. This leads to a frustrating experience where the conversation goes nowhere, leaving the customer feeling unheard and unresolved.

Another issue is the reliance on canned, generic responses. AI chatbots often provide pre-written answers to common questions, regardless of whether they actually address the customer’s specific concern. This formulaic approach can feel impersonal and unhelpful, leaving the customer feeling like they are simply talking to a machine.

Speaking on this issue, Ryan Doser, vice president of Client Services at Empathy First Media, admitted that AI chatbots have improved customer service in some ways, such as being accessible 24/7 and handling routine queries. But the problem arises when the issue is not routine.

“Personally, if I am having an issue with my internet provider, bank, or credit card, I prefer interacting with a human to resolve pressing issues,” Doser said. “If my credit card was stolen and I contact customer service, the last thing I want to hear is an AI-powered customer service agent.”

Companies Should Focus on Improving AI Chatbots

One of the key arguments in favour of implementing AI chatbots is the cost-saving factor. However, many experts argue that companies or businesses rushing down this cost-cutting path without proper and strategic implementation could be moving in the wrong direction. 

“By focusing automation efforts on cost-cutting measures that often deceive customers, companies are mortgaging their futures on a losing proposition,” said Robb Wilson, an AI expert. “Proper implementation requires an investment in people, the kind of long-term investment very few companies are making.”

The customer service experience with AI chatbots seems worse. However, many people bank on future improvements to overturn the ugly experiences. In the survey conducted by Infob, most respondents were optimistic about the future of customer service and anticipated improvements brought about by the integration of AI.

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