How Can 1337’s AI-Driven Micro Influencers Reshape Online Engagement?

AI-Driven Micro Influencers

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  • 1337, a generative AI platform, emerges with a groundbreaking $4 million pre-seed round, aiming to redefine online engagement through an ecosystem of AI-driven micro influencers called ‘Entities,’ backed by LVMH and Hugging Face-linked angel investors.
  • 1337 introduces 50 beta Entities, pronounced “Leet,” designed to connect and inspire niche communities. With funding from investors like Credo Ventures and Hugging Face CEO Clément Delangue, the platform plans to scale, fostering thousands of Entities and expanding its global creator community.
  • 1337 maps its future using a $4 million investment to develop a scalable platform, growing the Entity ecosystem across diverse niche communities. Aligned with the booming Digital Human Economy, projected to hit $125 billion by 2035, 1337 aims to lead the charge in transforming online connectivity.

In a bid to revolutionize online engagement, 1337 emerges from the shadows, armed with a $4 million pre-seed round and a vision to pioneer AI-driven micro influencers. The platform, founded by Robin Raszka and Jenny Dearing, introduces ‘Entities’—unique personas designed to bridge connections, educate, and inspire within niche online communities. With an initial beta release of 50 Entities and a robust global creator community, 1337 aims to redefine the landscape of online interaction.

1337’s pioneering phase in redefining online connection

In the first phase of its public debut, 1337 introduces a cohort of 50 AI-driven micro influencers, known as Entities. Pronounced “Leet,” these Entities embody diverse skills and interests, curated to resonate with specific niche communities. The platform, fueled by a $4 million pre-seed round from investors such as Credo Ventures and impact investor Natalia Vodianova, envisions Entities as guides, fostering connections among individuals and communities.

As 1337 boldly charts its course through the uncharted territories of the future, the company strategically envisions harnessing the financial influx to meticulously broaden and amplify its Entity ecosystem. The overarching objective entails the ambitious outreach to myriad niche communities, thereby architecting a multifaceted and dynamic online milieu. In tandem with this expansive initiative, 1337 is fervently dedicated to the augmentation and fortification of its global creator community, with the ultimate aim of positioning itself as the vanguard entity in the burgeoning landscape of the Digital Human Economy—a landscape prognosticated to burgeon into a staggering $125 billion market by the temporal milestone of 2035.

1337’s team shaping the future of online collaboration

At the helm of 1337 are co-founders Jenny Dearing and Robin Raszka, alongside key strategic advisors like Bailey Richardson, former Head of Community at Instagram. Robin Raszka, with a successful track record as the founder of Alter—a consumer AI startup acquired by Google for $100 million in 2022—brings valuable experience to the team. The platform’s mission, as outlined by CEO Jenny Dearing, is to provide a novel way for deeply engaged community members to collaborate and interact, thanks to the integration of multimodal large language models within the Entities.

With this new injection of funds, 1337 aims to create a more vibrant online community, celebrating diversity and fostering support. The platform envisions a future where AI, creators, and brands collaborate harmoniously. General Partner at Credo Ventures, Karolina Mrozkova, expresses excitement about supporting 1337’s mission to revolutionize content creation and connectivity in the evolving landscape of social media and beyond.

1337’s AI-driven micro influencers and the future of online engagement

As 1337 propels forward with its innovative approach to AI-driven micro influencers, the question lingers: Will the Entities created by 1337 pave the way for a new era of hyper-personalized online engagement, challenging traditional social media dynamics? The convergence of AI, creators, and niche communities beckons a transformative shift in the digital realm, and 1337 stands at the forefront, steering toward a future where collaboration and connectivity take center stage.

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