Xbox Bans User for One Year for Capturing Gameplay Footage in ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’


  • Xbox user banned for sharing ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ clips flagged as explicit content.
  • Confusion arises as Microsoft approves the game; gamers question the ban.
  • Prevent issues by disabling automatic clip uploads on Xbox.

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft Corporation has reportedly banned an Xbox user for one year due to their act of capturing gameplay footage from the popular role-playing game, ‘Baldur’s Gate 3.’ This decision has raised eyebrows among the gaming community, as the game itself was approved by the company, leading to questions about the rationale behind the ban.

User’s ban over captured gameplay footage

‘Baldur’s Gate 3,’ released in 2023, is renowned for its interactive and story-rich gameplay, making it a favorite among gamers. However, one player found themselves in hot water after capturing three clips showcasing in-game interactions with other characters and sharing them on Reddit. Much to their dismay, Xbox’s safety systems flagged the captured footage as explicit content, leading to repercussions.

Each of the three clips was considered an individual violation by Xbox’s automated systems, which ultimately imposed a one-year ban on the user’s Xbox account. This drastic measure has left the gaming community surprised and baffled, given that the game had received Microsoft’s approval. Players are now left to wonder why Xbox’s safety systems deemed the footage inappropriate when the game was deemed suitable.

Community reacts with questions and concerns

The ban has sparked a discussion among the gaming community, particularly on the r/BaldursGate3 subreddit, where users have expressed their reservations about Microsoft’s decision. The community members argue that if the company had greenlighted the game, then any footage captured within the game should also be considered acceptable. However, Xbox’s safety systems do not share this viewpoint.

One significant consequence of an Xbox ban is that affected users cannot play games that require an internet connection, effectively limiting them to offline-only gaming experiences. This restriction could be particularly frustrating for gamers relying on the online features of their favorite titles.

Xbox allows users to disable the automatic uploading of captured clips to its servers. This feature can be accessed by following these steps:

Press the Xbox button on the controller.

Navigate to the Capture & Share page.

Access Capture Settings and select the option to ‘Don’t Upload.’

Additionally, users can choose to automatically save their captures to a USB drive connected to their Xbox console. This can be configured by changing the Capture Location setting to the USB drive on the same page. Users can prevent their gameplay footage from being uploaded to Xbox’s servers by taking these steps, potentially avoiding similar issues.

Significance of ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’

‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ holds a significant position in gaming as it marks the third installment in a series based on the beloved tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons. The game achieved widespread recognition and acclaim in 2023, securing the Game of the Year title. It made its debut on Microsoft’s Xbox platform in December 2023.

One key element that sets ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ apart is its immersive gameplay, which includes intimate interactions between players and other in-game characters. These interactions profoundly impact the player’s choices, shaping the course of the game and unlocking new stories and quests based on the decisions made during gameplay.

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